When Colors Don’t Work

Having been appalled at the atrocities in the Newport News online catalog, I tried another purveyor of decent, affordable basics, Chadwick’s.

A bit better, but why do they do this?


They offer a perfectly presentable summer blazer: cut, fine, price, fine. And the bloody thing is only available in the most awful colors imaginable: nasty, cheap yellow, garish blues, eye-bloodying pinks, gag-inducing floral.

A general rule: keep bright colors as accents, not the main focus. If you find a garment you love in a bright color, that’s fine but make sure it’s rich and not chintzy, vibrant and not garish, and that you wear appropriately scaled accessories to stand up to it. No bright pink dresses with little tiny gold chain necklaces and earrings. Rock out some big beads, make it bold on purpose.

Tip: Bright colors on inexpensive fabrics = cheap looking clothes. If you’re a budget shopper, best to stay with neutrals and splurge on a gorgeous, rich colored accents.


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  1. Oh Lord, that blazer! That look! What kind of clogs come with that?

    If I saw her coming I would think she would try to catheterize me.

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