You’ve Got To Scrub

It’s got to be said, Beautiful People. It’s got to be said because I stood in line next to a priest at the deli today and he smelled like sweaty scalp.
Smelling like sweaty scalp is adorable if you’re my two-year old nephew and have just awakened from a nap. For anyone over the age of ten, it’s just yeeshy.

Summer air is gross. It is humid and makes us all look a little slick and dirty, like we’ve just had a hard work-out even if we’ve exerted no more effort that day than editing a few sermons (I just edited my Ash Wednesday sermon and have to say, it was a Jim Dandy!).

If your idea of bathing is to do a 30-second lather, you may need to bring out the bigger guns for the summer.

It just doesn’t do to be greasy and filmy, people of God. Shampoo. Lather, rinse and repeat if you have oily hair. Get out that washcloth and really scrub. Better yet, take a bath first to soak off all the dead skin (you must soak for at least ten minutes before you scrub if you really want to loosen the dead skin) followed by a tepid shower. Scrub your feet with a brush! Get rid of callouses if you’re a sandal-wearer. Moisturize at night with cotton socks over a nice foot balm. Aquaphor is absolutely marvelous, even if it is mostly just petrolatum. Burt’s Bees makes a wonderful, natural coconut foot balm, too, and then there’s the very swanky, lovely foot balm given me as a gift by Perigrinato — what was it, James? Something scented with cardamom that makes the cat all romantic and foot-licky. Nicest stuff I ever used.

Back to summer:
Keep that clean hankie in your pocket to mop delicatly at a perspiring face, and keep up with your skin care! Exfoliate! Moisturize (yes, even in the summer — try a serum if regular moisturizers feel too heavy)! Keep drinking water!

Be a cool glass of water on a hot day. Be the living waters to your parched people. Be nice to be near.
(But don’t use baby powder near your delicate parts, ladies. Stick with corn starch, not talc, products).

Lapses in personal hygiene that may be overlooked in the winter are not as easily forgiven in the summer. And that goes for your crusty elbows, too. Remember, you’re in short-sleeved shirts now.

PeaceBang recommends:

Sunshine Spa Herbal Salt Rub in Lavender or Rosemary/Mint for your feet and elbows:
Available at, Target and Trader Joe’s.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub (not for the face!! Body only!)

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme, available at

Davies Gate Cardamom Foot Butter (absolutely hedonistic and scrumptious!):

Johnson & Johnson Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder.

A good, old-fashioned wash cloth and soap. PeaceBang’s favorite is Luxo Banho Creme:


PeaceBang has heard rumors that she is being PAID to promote certain products on this blog.

Darling readers, PeaceBang earns not one penny for this labor of love. She only recommends products or beauty sites that she or her loved ones have personally tried and enjoyed. Until she is discovered by talent scouts for Allure magazine or the Estee Lauder empire, she will continue to spend her own hard-earned paycheck on products that she can recommend or spurn to you, because she loves you that much.

She may, at some point, make it possible for you to contribute to a PeaceBang Beauty Bank via PayPal to help fund her product habit, but until then, rest assured that every Official PeaceBang Recommendation comes untainted by any exchange of filthy lucre.

PeaceBang’s last Sephora bill was $92, so this could happen sooner rather than later.

I Heart E-Bay

Know why I love E-bay? Because just now, in less than one minute, I bought two Calvin Klein eye pencils in Dusk. It cost $9.50 for two pencils (shipping and handling included). One of those suckers cost $16 at Sephora.

I am doing the happy make-up dance!!

For Sensitive Skin

Just a little plug for Origins products:

I am devoted to and deeply in love with the Comforting Solution, which is the only product that finally got rid of my regular flare-ups of rosacea (or something like it that my dermatologist has never figured out).

The A Perfect World line includes a lovely antioxidant serum that gets me through the tough New England winters.

And Modern Friction is the only exfoliant scrub my skin can tolerate at all.

Origins gave me a free sample of their Perfect World lip balm but frankly, it’s not nearly as good as Kiehl’s #1 goo in a tube or Rosebud Salve, at least one of which I use faithfully at night before practicing kissing on my pillow.
Remember boys and girls, use a lip balm with high SPF in it every day! I use Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15 or whatever chapsticky-type item is on sale at the health food store.