Anthropologie makes gorgeous, expensive clothes. I’m not suggesting that you run out and fill your closet with their looks, but I do think you might get some inspiration visiting their website, where they put together outfits for you:


Use your discretion, of course, ladies. But look at all the pages of ensembles to see what sillouettes are in style now, and to borrow and adapt for yourself. To see more of their ideas, click on the “Ensembles” button on their navigation bar.

Maybe you can’t afford a $198 little cotton skirt. But you might have one in your closet already and you can wrap a cardigan around it, belt it, add a big, bright hobo bag (I actually dug one out of my closet that my mother gave me for Christmas in the 1980’s and fashionistas stop me in the street to ask where I got it!), and a pair of dangly earrings and you’re put together. That is, if you have some decent shoes.

Look. Use what’s appropriate for you. Adapt. Dream. Enjoy.

I personally think that if I was tall and slim, these trousers
with a smart navy blazer, a pair of chunky beads and a nice pair of espadrille wedges would be my #1 summer outfit. If I wasn’t such a fat fatty I would invest in several pairs of Anthropologie pants, because I think they’re gorgeous and well cut. Not so much these summer styles but their autumn catalog usually features some wonderful pieces I’d gladly splurge for. That is, if I was three inches taller and 90 lbs. slimmer. For now, I make do with Talbot’s Woman’s occasional spots of fashion sunshine amid their usually uber-preppy boring stuff.

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  1. I do like a lot of anthropologie’s clothes. Their shoes are amazing, but way more expensive than I’m willing to pay for.

    I have a few clothing items from them that I bought on sale. Their sizes are very large. I purchased a medium tank top last summer from them and it was falling off of my shoulders. Now it fits me perfectly – but I gained 30 pounds. Their sizing is really off!

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