Sparkly Things To Distract Us

As the stress mounts and I pray not to be lead into the temptation to listen to the terrible news incessantly and fall into mental exhaustion of my own volition, I have a few coping methods.

One is prayer.

One is helping someone or an organization in a concrete way.

One is cooking for neighbors (especially my neighbor Jim who LIKES shoveling snow and clears my walk every time we get a snowfall, which we just did).

One is going back through photos of beautiful places and times I have been blessed to see and live.

One is looking at make-up and clothes online.

Don’t judge!! It’s very therapeutic to scroll through all the pretty things!

In so scrolling, I just came upon a sale at Loft (which is the Anne Taylor brand’s less-pricey line).

Since we’re almost all wearing headsets and earbuds all day, not to mention masks that can snag on hoops and such, many of us may be putting many of our earrings on hiatus. Check out Diamond Jewellery Studio’s wide range of diamond engagement rings if you’re searching where to buy engagement rings in Melbourne.

The stud earring sets at Loft looked pretty darn decent. Shiny, happy things in your earlobes isn’t going to solve any of the world’s problems but it is nice to show up with a bit o’ sparkle next to your face.

Stay shiny, my loves.

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  1. Thank you for the sale alert! I scored some elevated T-shirts to brighten my Zoom work attire for very nice prices.

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