Coronachurch: Tech Helps For Online Worship, How We’re Doing Things, Zoombombing, Children’s Chapel:

Hello darlings,

I am doing okay? Okay? I think? Are you okay?

So much has changed since I posted my first Coronachurch entry on March 17th. I have adjusted my opinion on some things and not on others.
We made it through Easter. God did what God always does. We took naps. We grieved and we celebrated. We are still grieving… and celebrating. I hope you are seeing enough resiliency, creativity and connection among your people to warm and encourage you to find a worship service.

In some ways, we were absolutely not trained or prepared for this. On the most important levels, however, this is EXACTLY the time for which we have prepared all of our lives. Spiritual practice. Focus on the eternal and the essential. The ability to be present and faithful in the presence of suffering, loss and death. I know that my readers are progressives and are not engaging in bad, horrible, irresponsible religious leadership of the kind that has literally killed conservative clergy. God has them now. Peace be upon them and their congregations. Lord Jesus. You shall not put your Lord God to the test!!!

I catch myself many times per day sighing deeply. Sadness upon sadness. I am listening for the deep sighing on Zoom meetings so that we can stop and acknowledge. The breath reveals so much.

The Children’s Chapel program details start at about 18:15 (Someday I’ll learn how to easily add captions and edits to these videos but now is probably not that time). At 22:30, I talk about why I do not forecast to “when can we open, what will that look like” when I am alone or with my folks. I do not want to put my energy into where I’d rather be than where we are right now. We are learning so much about how to cope with right now, it seems like denial and distraction to start to plan for … when we . My reserves need to be about coping with, and helping other people cope with, TODAY. I have a Google folder where I park ideas about re-opening. I firmly believe that planning for the Whenever blocks our creativity and blocks the movement of the Holy Spirit. I get that insight through prayer, and I share it with you in the conviction that it is a word from a God who loves us.

This is a long video. Maybe you will watch it over a few viewings, like 10 minutes at a time with a cuppa tea.
Much love, much heart, kiss of peace!

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