Rev Laurie’s Bag

Rev Laurie wrote on Twitter,

I feel so seen. I just bought a great leather tote because I was simply undone by seeing all the canvas totes, duffel bag or slouch bags being used by SO MANY for business.


This is a very handsome, classic bag for Laurie who is located in Lexington, Kentucky with the horse set and the good bourbon. I hope she will pop into the comments to tell us the make of the bag and where she found it. That is nice, sturdy leather. Elegant, and will age well. Plus, it’s from a very cool company, Parker Clay, International.

Very cute dog Evie is investigating out the window. Good girl, Evie.

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  1. Have you looked into the leather bags at ABLE out of Nashville? Not only are they beautiful and useful, but they are ethically made.

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