Summer Program Ideas?

I am thinking ahead to the summer and feeling that it would be good to take a class. I haven’t been in school since 2011 and that feels like too long.

I have looked at overseas immersions for the study of the refugee crisis and I am investigating Spanish language classes at my local community college but I would really welcome ideas for residential study in the field of theology, Biblical studies, or history. I feel like my academic chops are in need of strengthening.

Individual directed study ideas also welcome. I have never taken a class on the Prophets or on the epistles and I feel the lack of that frequently for my own understanding, even though I am not ministering within a tradition that requires me to preach from Scripture.

Thanks for your suggestions!

5 Replies to “Summer Program Ideas?”

  1. Gather a crew and fly me in. [Don’t think I haven’t thought about that. If I could handle the Texas heat I’d hire you to stay at home and tutor me.- PB]

  2. Consider the Vancouver School of theology or McGill in Montreal or Pine Hill at Dalhousie in Halifax. You’d be spending time in great “summer” cities and since the Canadian dollar is in the sewer you’d save a lot of money. If you picked Montreal or Halifax you could drive up. And big bonus – you’d have a break from Trumpery.

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