Tweedly Bang And Skin Care Shout-Outs

I am not sure if I look like Tweedly Dum or Tweedly Dee in this striped shirt that I bought to wear UNDER navy blazers for a cute nautical look and am just wearing alone over jeans today for brunch with a friend, but probably it’s their unknown sister, Tweedly Bang.

I’ve been here in Portland for like a hundred days and I have a life that consists of getting lost on the way to hotels and convention centers and asking nice strangers for directions and then getting more lost. I live in a hotel room that is strewn with conference effluvia and toiletries and despite all my best efforts, I have a blister on the side of my ankle from my awesome new shoes that are actually very walkable as long as you don’t traipse around on pavement in 100 degree weather for 45 minutes looking for the hotel where your youth group is meeting you for dinner. [Run-On Sentence Warning!] Had I remembered to put my anti-chafe gel in my bag yesterday, even that mishap wouldn’t have resulted in blisters. Fie, blisters, fie on thee!

I am seeing wonderful people and being fed spiritually but there is the matter of WHAT DAY IS IT? WHERE AM I?

I went to Powell’s City of Books last night and got a vintage guide for altar guilds (so fun!), some of Hildegard von Bingen’s meditations and a work of Meister Eckhart, and a book on dance and liturgy and performance. I bought that new novel called Station Eleven. I got some used cookbooks from a wonderful London restaurant that I’m really excited about. I love that Powell’s ships!

I am grateful for Algenist for making excellent sunblock.
I am grateful to Josie Maran for making amazing Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil that has kept my feet and elbows soft.

And now I get to rejoice in time spent with beloved Harvard Div School friend the Rev. Dr. Jennifer Scheper Hughes whose work inspires and fascinates me and her adorable and dear hubby, Santos Roman.

Have a fantastic and faithful day, pigeons.
Love, Tweedly Bang

Photo on 6-27-15 at 12.57 PM

3 Replies to “Tweedly Bang And Skin Care Shout-Outs”

  1. Oh now, I would say the striped top is more like French chic! Not tweedly dee or dum!
    [It’s VERY French chic if you don’t have the meatball shaped body I have! – PB]
    Have a fantastic time at GA.

    Hasn’t this been an EXTRAORDINARY week? Rainbow flags up, Confederate flags down. whew! love from here
    [Back at ya! UNbelievable time. Lamentation and rejoicing. – PB]

  2. Can you share restaurant and gathering spot recommendations? The Presbyterians have a sometime practice of following the UU’s into convention towns. You gave great restaurant recommendations for Minneapolis a few years back that we were so grateful for. We’ll be there next summer, but some of us regional leadership folks will be there this October also.

    [Hi, sweetheart. Unfortunately, I cannot, as I ate at food trucks and stuff, and hung out with locals and went to tiny little places whose names I can’t remember. – PB]

  3. I loved Station Eleven, I hope you enjoyed it. I have my first clergy conference next week, thanks for the help on what to pack.

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