When I See You at General Assembly

Woo-hoo, Pigeons!

Hey, so if you’re going to be in Louisville at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly next week and you see me, PLEASE do come up and say hello and introduce yourself!!
When I’m not being PeaceBang I promise I am just delighted to meet you and give you a hug and that I actually don’t notice what you’re wearing because Victoria Weinstein is not nearly as focused on that stuff as PB is.

You will see that I am just an unassuming little fat lady in regular, ordinary clothes. I am not a “fashionista.” I never was, nor have I tried to be. I am a hard-working minister just like you who, 7 or 8 years ago, was goaded by my sister into writing a post about ministers and make-up after a long, garrulous conversation about frumpy clergy. I love clothes and make-up and hair and nails and shoes, yes, but as a medium for conveying one’s spirit in conversation with the world.

I will be wearing lots of nametags and wandering around looking confused because I never know quite where I’m supposed to be at GA. If I see you in the Exhibit Hall trying on stoles or robes and you want my opinion, I will be totally thrilled to be your Stage Mother right then and there, and I’ve done it. I have identified several workshops and events I want to attend, but my favorite thing about the conference is visiting with lay people and clergy from all over the country and the world.

Don’t be a stranger.

Kiss of peace, PB

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  1. Is there a PB meet-up at GA? I’m not UUA, but I live two miles from the Louisville Convention Center over here in southern Indiana. I’d love to join a coffee/lunch/dinner/after hours gathering! (And I’m looking forward to several other reunions with UUA friends while they’re in town!)

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