“Black Chick in Saudi”

Thanks to reader Manda for sending me this delightful link.

This episode of Black Chick In Saudi chronicles the blogger’s shift from rebellious to respectful in her purchase of a new abaya.

I learned something, and I love her sass. She’s fun and I love the new abaya!

Women clergy who are flopping around in huge, ugly robes, take note: it doesn’t benefit anyone for you to wear your feminist rebellion in the form of hideous clothing or vestments. You just look bad.

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  1. I just watched her shopping trip – WOW! I had no idea that there could be such a hugh difference in something meant to hide the shape of the body. This should be required viewing for women clergy in traditions that wear robes.

    If only I looked half as good in my alb as she does in her abaya. Alas, proper fit will have to wait until after a call is received.

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