Fit Flops

Can someone please explain the Fit Flop thing to me? The sandals cost so much money! And now they have boots and look at these:

It looks like you’re wearing a big sandwich on your feet.
What’s the deal? Do they work? Are they comfortable? Are they all sorts of awesome that we need to know about? DO tell.

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  1. Ewwwww. Just ewww, on both the fit flops and the boots. Seriously, just wear regular sneakers and walk, or get yourself to the gym.

    But now Switch flops, I like.

  2. I think you featured them on your blog last summer as fit for a summer casual work-related event. A Washington DC tour guide I met at a cafe recommended them, too.
    I had never heard of them and checked them out. The boots are clunky looking in a larger size, as you might imagine, and were not especially comfortable.

  3. I don’t know about these gorgeous creatures but the fit flops dont fit wide feet with a high instep (and not adjustable) but I hear people say they are exceedingly comfy. I’ll stick with my Birkenstocks thank you.

  4. Haven’t tried ’em. But if I want to go as Fred or Barney some Halloween, they will be my go-to footwear. [BWA HA HA HA!! – PB]

  5. Weird. My foot doctor JUST recommended these this morning–the actual flip flops–not the other varieties. She said the bad thing about most flip flops and sandals is that they usually don’t have any support in them, which exacerbates whatever other foot problems you have. The good thing is that for people like me with huge ugly bunions, your huge ugly bunions can stick comfortably out of them. If that is a good thing, and after a long winter, it seems like a very good thing. Anyway. These supposedly have quite good arch support and other good stuff for your feet.

    She also recommended orthaheel

    I have to admit I have a low threshold for shoe acceptability. Years of being traumatized by trying to find things to fit my bunions have left me scarred and vulnerable. If it doesn’t look like this:

    I’m good 🙂

  6. I was an “early adopter” of the flip-flop style Fitflops. Less back pain and my feet don’t hurt. I’d wear them all year if I could. Pricey, but they last and last.

  7. I’ve struggled with plantar fascitis (inflamed tendon on the bottom of the foot) off and on since college and I got some fit flops (along with other more professional shoes) last summer. They’re casual – like flip flops – but they worked wonders in helping my feet and my back feel so much better.

    These clog things are strange. I have a pair of Merrill clogs which I love and they aren’t so funky looking.

    [So it doesn’t bother your plantar’s to have to have the toe-separator thingy? – PB]

  8. I have a pair of the summer “slides” (without the toe post). Love them – great to walk in, very comfortable for the feet. Dont know about the toning of the leg thing, though…

  9. Got Fit Flops last summer. Definitely comfortable, definitely “felt the burn” when I’d wear them all day running errands or walking the dog.

    Definitely sprained my ankle in them. They are platform flip-flops and the instability which is suppose to work your muscle groups while you walk, was apparently too unstable for me…

  10. I have two pair of FitFlops and love them. They’re exceptionally comfortable, and stretch my chronically tight hamstrings.

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