Make-Up For Ministers Tutorial #1: Quick Make-Up Job

See how this works for you, pigeons. What I have noticed is that it’s very hard to do decent lighting when filming with my Mac… one eye always looks made-up and the other doesn’t. Very weird.

But this was a fun first effort. It’s kind of terrible in terms of the finished effect (“Why is this woman who has one huge clown eye telling ME how to apply make-up?”) but I hope you enjoy. I’m going to have to experiment with different settings and lighting and also maybe get a different camera. I have no idea how one actually does a good make-up job using a Mac computer as a mirror. Any tips are most welcome.

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  1. Very cool – great — maybe even I can do this!! btw you can change the size of the video — 400 is about as much width as blogs can take so it does not run off into your side bar. Youtube has a proportion tool or you can do the math. [Thank you! I am totally clueless about this stuff… – PB]

  2. It’s so fun to hear your voice, cadence, and inflection after reading your “voice” for so long! You sound less Bostonish than I imagined but that makes sense, as I seem to recall you’re from CT.

  3. Good job- especially for a first time video. Liked how you did your eyes. That’s my makeup challenge. I’m 56 and eye shadow without shimmer seems hard to come by. The “shimmer” highlights all those little wrinkles and creases on my eye lid. Any recommendations from you – or other readers would be most appreciated.

  4. very helpful. I think I need to go buy some makeup. I can tell I haven’t been trying hard enough . . .

  5. Yay! So fun to watch both you and the tutorial from Michelle Phan. Lovely . Although I am but 36 (according to the DMV, as far as my kids know I am 29) I also have to avoid eye shadow w/shimmer. I love when companies tell me what colors go together. Right now I am using a set from Almay. The last time I bought eye shadow I went rogue and bought the color set for hazel eyes instead of for brown! I am a REBEL!

    Like JBC, I enjoyed hearing you talk after reading your voice. I would have been more surprised by the lack of Boston in your voice, except you recently told me you have lived in Minneapolis and Chicago. Maybe someday you can do a tutorial on dialects from the different places you’ve lived!

  6. This was really helpful, thanks. I never would have believed you (generic you) could do that complicated and professional a job in a few minutes – once I see a list of eight or ten products I tend to assume it’ll take all day to get out of the house.

    I loved the casual mentions of a special look for church, or not being too shiny when preaching.

    I am never going near my eyes with one of those weird Inquisition-style implements, though. (the lash thing, shudder)

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