The Genius of the Rev. Julie Blake Fisher

Oh, look! It’s the new Rector of St. Barbara’s-By-The-Sea in Malibu! The brainchild of Julie Blake Fisher, who enjoys creating the Good Blonde Reverend’s vestments as a way to relax, we thought you would like her to accompany you through Holy Week.

Julie, we LOVE YOU!

SO very ready for a day of ministry. I mean, even the bag is fab, and she’s such a fashion-forward clergywoman, we can totally deal with the hot red pumps.

Roman-style cassock with cuffs. Perfection.

As Julie says, “Sure, the biretta is a bit large, but Barbie has big hair!”

Let’s get a closer look at that biretta:

Barbie’s cassock and surplice are made from an actual cassock and surplice.

All ready for morning prayer! She’s so welcoming.

And the image that had me falling off my chair last night, Barbie with her thurible!!

Here, in Julie’s own words,

I am so delighted she gave you a giggle. She was very fun to make. I’d come home from those late nights at the church office and go into my sewing room and work on Barbie to relax. My husband (who is also a priest) would laugh himself silly whenever he looked at her. He liked the biretta the best – it just fits on the end of his finger.

I updated the pictures and added captions to them all for anyone who has questions about her.

I first made a basic version about two years ago for the children in my church to play with so they could learn all about vestments. A friend of mine saw her and wanted one, so when she got her own church recently and moved away to another state, I upgraded Barbie with additional items and sent her to my friend. I’ve kept patterns for everything I made, though, and I’m already making plans for Episcopal Priest Barbie: Cathedral Edition. Barbie is going to be become a bishop! I’ll also have other dolls to go with her – a deacon, a priest and an acolyte. At least one will be male, and they’ll all be racially diverse. (Barbie will be African-American as a bishop).

I am sure she would be thrilled and honored to be featured on your blog. Bless you, Peacebang, for your ministry of helping us all to glorify God through our professional image!

Julie, we’re warning you, WE ALL WANT ONE!!

Kiss of peace to you and Rev. Barbie, PB

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  1. As Mo’Nique has said…”Damn, that little white ***** has it all!” 🙂

    I’ve been looking for a red coat like that for years now.

    That being said….wow! The talent that went into making that assortment of vestments is something I’m truly jealous of. If I could make clothes for real people with half as much class, I would give up this whole ministry thing and go into fashion.

    Way to go Rev. Julie.

  2. I love it!!! The past few months have been hard for me at the church, and this blog has just given me a burst of joy and delight! I want to know if I can place an order, because the Barbie with the collar and red heels would look great in my office. I think every girl should have a Clergy Barbie!

    Thanks for smile.

  3. This ISN’T a reference to Tefillin Barbie?


    Glad she’s become so ecumenical. [In this case, I can imagine it’s a case of “great minds think alike.” How many of us grew up sewing clothes for our Barbies? I’m glad that Tefillin Barbie and the Rector Barbie have each other for company. – PB]

  4. LOVE IT! I admire her patience to sew such tiny clothes. I made doll clothes for my daughter’s baby dolls but just could not handle the tiny work involved with Barbie.

  5. This beats my troll doll in priest’s garb that I thought was so cool.
    I’m going to get my Barbie from the attic and get busy!

  6. Old Lutheran used to sell two Barbie-like dolls in clergy wear, called pastor Grace and pastor Faith. Unfortunately, I can’t find them anymore. They came with chalices 🙂

  7. I made a Clergy Barbie for my seminary roommate, as an ordination present. Just regular daily wear (blouse and black skirt), though she did have a cute little pink shrug sweater, in case the office was chilly. I didn’t get this sophisticated, though. Marvelous!

  8. Grew up sewing for Barbies, knitting for Barbies. I don’t have the space for real sewing now, but I knit like a madwoman…

  9. I love that it affirms my wearing red shoes with my black clerical garb! As I’ve said to some of my parishioners, I have to look professional, not dead.

  10. What do you charge for copies of the patterns — I want to make my own!


  11. This is just fantastic! The attention to detail and everything! And the Thurible… priceless! I cannot wait to see the African-American and Native American dolls!

  12. Will Barbie be getting a chasuable and cope? I hope she gets elected bishop some day. She’ll look great with a mitre, and rochet and chimere!

  13. Bless you, your humor, and your creativity!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful “stylings”.

  14. Julie, I double-dog-dare you to send Archbishop Rowan the Bishop Edition. Actually, he’ll love it. I think it’s great that if you are going to be a diocesan bishop in England, he’s delegated the installation to the Archdeacon of Canterbury–The Venerable Sheila Watson. So, if you’re going to be a bishop here, you will be installed by the delegated Episcopal authority of a woman. It will take time, but women bishops in this church will happen!

  15. And of COURSE the Bishop Edition will be “The Rt. Rev. Barbie Harris”… sheer genius.

  16. I want one too– she’d fit right in with the Wiccan Barbie a friend gave me for Yule a few years ago! Just think of the interfaith witness they could get up to……….

  17. These are super great! My husband (who is a priest as well) really loved the thurible! I never wanted a Barbie, until now! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! Rev. Barbie Rocks! :)-Rev. Mel

  18. I think God is working through Barbie to keep me in the priesthood. Can’t wait to see her Easter morning garb!

    PS Don’t you think Barbie would look great as the pope?

  19. This is fabulous! I want one! A colleague of mine received a Rev. Jessie doll for her ordination (named for the recipient, Jessica)because the maker of it felt that Barbie had all these other professions, why not a minister? The Rev. Jessie doll has stoles and an alb, which is much more keeping with our tradition (United Church of Canada). I’ve coveted it ever since (except I would want mine with brown hair to look more like me!). Julie, if you make the patterns available, count me in for purchasing them!

  20. Excellent, I love her, I saved one of my daughter’s Barbies,I would love to get the patterns, eventhough I’m not into the Cassock/surplus deal much. I like to sew. Can add a lay reader robed too, since I’m not going to ordination, My clergy spouse thought they were cool too.

  21. Alejandro, no I’d want the Cathedral set to have Bishop Barbie and Dean Ken. No, make that ARCHBishop Barbie….(although I quite like our current Archbishop!)

  22. And to think I wouldn’t let my 2 daughters have Barbies!! WhatEVER was I thinking???!!? Of course these lovelies weren’t available, with their cleavage and, I’m sure, sexy legs, demurely covered! How ’bout a liturgical procession of them like one of those Christmas villages? How has the world survived without a Barbie Thurifer?!?!?!?!? Delightful, delightful!!!!!

  23. Love it – many clergy friends are asking for one. If you ever sell one – that would be great.

  24. Oh my goodness gracious! This is absolute genius. I bow before you. I am not worthy.

  25. Oh, don’t stop there! We female pastors of the Evangelical Covenant Church are confused: we don’t know whether to wear Geneva robes, cassocks or mimic our younger male colleagues and wear blue dress shirts and beige slacks at all times! This could be a bigger “ministry” than ever you planned….

  26. GTS alumni — LOL!! Now we have it all: A Barbie to go with our “Barbie Dream Chapel” Love it. (If you don’t know what that is, ask someone who went to General)

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  28. I absolutely LOVE these. I’m an ordained Baptist minister and would love to have something like this! I guess I’ll have to design my own. Are you planning to market your patterns at all? If so, I would be interested in knowing about it. Blessings in all your future endeavors.

  29. I need a Presbyterian version to sit next to Graduation Barbie. Amazing, wondrous and delightful! (And now all over FB).

  30. Thank you!
    Since my name is Barbara, I feel a certain closeness to The Reverend Barbie. 🙂
    Holy Week blessings to you!
    Barbara in Bristol +

  31. I am a Barbie collector and my husband is a UMC clergy. I LOVE this this!! If you decided to sell the patterns or dolls, put me on the list. Thank you for sharing!

  32. Too cute… I wish that that my late brother, a pastor, could see this. Makes you smile and think at the same time……

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