Spring Shoe Review, Part II

Yes, most of the offerings for the season are ugly or unrealistic, but Clarks put out some decent options:

That’s a nice flat, but keep in mind that it has NO support and won’t look right on a chumby foot or with thick ankles. I’m just telling you the truth. You need to be a lithe gal to wear these shoes well.

Okay? I mean a Mary Jane with grown-up styling. THANK you.

A nice slingback in a neutral metallic? Sure, that’ll go with everything.

3 Replies to “Spring Shoe Review, Part II”

  1. Actually, I’m going to challenge you (gently, kindly!) on the flats. I’ve got several pairs of Clarks’ flats, and they do have good support and cushioning. [Oh, good! Well then, all the better for them. I couldn’t tell from this photo. – PB]

    I’m not thrilled about their Privos line–if you’re on a wet surface, they tend to be slick. I nearly fell in the Ashford train station a few months ago, because the floor was wet and I was wearing my Privos. Never on a rainy day again. [I have two pairs of Privos: one pair of black patent flats that I LOVE and a green pair that are way too casual and unsupported to wear for church. A friend likes them and I’m going to give them to her. – PB]

  2. I shouldn’t be reading this blog while writing a sermon on temptation… I just discovered a deep and abiding love for Clarks a few months ago, and I need these three pairs of shoes like I need air to breathe!! [ERIN! GIRL! Take a deep breath! Get thee behind her, Shoe-tan! – PB]

  3. Erin, Clarks have come SO far from Wallabees and the ugly old lady ‘Sunbeat’ sandals. Okay, those are still available. But right now the vast majority of the shoes in my closet–and definitely the ones I wear the most–are Clarks.

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