Sarah Palin’s Hair

We’ve have had a desperate plea for some fast commentary on John McCain’s VP pick Sarah Palin’s hair, so here it is:

Sarah Palin is HAWT. She’s a former beauty queen and it shows. So I think this hair is totally an attempt to frumpify herself, because it looks like she could go straight from work to opening night in “The Music Man,” starring as Marian the Librarian, and she’s working that effect intentionally. She doesn’t want to be remembered as Miss Somewhere In Alaska 1984, she wants to be seen as a wholesome, trustworthy, straight-spoken politician and mother of five. No dummy, that girl. Because if she went around with her old hair-do, she’d be distractingly pretty. I didn’t say it was fair, I just said it was reality.

Oh, she apparently wears more clothes now, too.

Beauty Tips will be BACK on September 1st! See you then!

26 Replies to “Sarah Palin’s Hair”

  1. I am a democrat, but in regard to her hair, i must say that I think she is Soooooo pretty, she can get away with “just pulling her hair up”. Let’s face it, all women wish they were so lucky.

  2. Not loving the hair so much, mostly because it’s a bit high for me. A little too much backcombing or something. Love the glasses though. Very cute.

    Not loving the pale blue/black combination in the second picture. Washes her out a bit, methinks.

  3. If I were doing her hair I’d soak it in dippity-do, tease it all out, and crimp it sideways because I want her to look as ridiculous and scary as her policies are.

  4. Her hair is an absolute mess. What woman wears a plastic “chip clip” to hold her hair up when she is being introduced as the VP candidate? She could have at least upgraded to a pretty barrette. My guess is that she is minutes away from some serious shears….Some stylist will give her a bob with soft bangs. At least I hope some stylist gets a hold of her and chops it…she looks dowdy and unkept. [She did!? She wore a plastic clip to hold her hair up in public?? Oh my GAWD! We’ll see if she gets a hair makeover — I somehow doubt it, as this seems to be her signature “look.” -PB]

  5. I can’t believe this about the clip! Love this discussion about her. But let’s not overlook her politics, which are farther right that George Bush. [Oh, DO! Because life on BTFM is all about public image and ministry, and we can’t cover everything… no matter how much we wish we could. Like, for instance, Sarah Palin’s scary-as-Hell politics! – PB]

  6. When I first saw her hair it looked like she had extensions. Totally did not notice the chip clip.

    Am I the only one who notices a resemblance with Tina Fey? When I first saw her on TV I immediately thought, “Tina Fey’s making cameos on SNL this season!”

  7. I wear a plastic “chip clip” to keep my long hair up. What’s so wrong with that? Does a $30.00 barrette make you a better person? Or just unwise with your money? When I do want to wear my hair down at least I still look like a woman! [Um, Lyn, you sound a little bit insecure about this, and more than a little hostile. Are you a clergywoman? If so, you might like to read this. If not, thanks for trolling by with your “ups” for chip clip femininity and Miz Palin. – PB]

  8. Palin’s hair rocks! Let’s face it, the typical female political haircut is usually one of many variations on the “helmet head” cut.

    The fact that she has long hair is refreshing.

    And God forbid she cut it into that the current “bob” that is sweeping the nation! The “bob” cut is sooooooo boring and sometimes just plain ugly on certain women. [Palin’s hair ROCKS!!??? LOL! Why is long hair ‘refreshing?’ Because it makes her stand out, or because it just makes her more traditionally feminine looking? I smell more trolls on this site!- PB]

  9. LynDee is how you would say my name. No I am not a clergywoman. I did not know that was the criteria for being able to say what I think without being called hostile. Sarah (above) must be a very good clergywoman to have not received the same sort of tongue lashing. Thank you PB for setting me straight. [No, LynDee, thank you for assuring me that you came to the site to praise the nightmarish Sarah Palin and to insult me and my readers, and not to partake in any kind of conversation about Beauty Tips for Ministers. It’s called “trolling.” And most blog authors will, in fact, call you out on it. Meanwhile, Sarah is an ordained minister who has reason to visit, and comment, on this blog. – PB]

  10. OK – Sarah Palin is an attractive woman but . . . she needs assistance with her style and hair. She is in postion to be the VP. Wonders were done with Hillary – her stylists dressed her appropriately for her body type and enhanced her features with hair & make-up. The polished professional woman in Sarah Palin needs to show, mother yes, but in accepting this exposure you have to be polished and look the part. I am very surprised this wasn’t addressed earlier and I am looking forward to tonight.

  11. BIG difference, Hillary NEEDED parts of her body UNinhanced. Having long hair gives a variety to wearing it in different ways according to how one feels. I’ve seen her wear her hair down as well. Sarah looks pretty well put together and I don’t believe she needs anyones help. And, most important, she looks very comfortable with herself.

  12. Has anyone thought of the social implications her hairstyle might have on society? How many women might copy her just because they look up to her?

  13. Now we have our first female Big Hair candidate for VP. “Country First” yeehaw! I didn’t realize women still ratted their hair. She’ll go down big with the rural Wal-Mart shoppers and other assorted frumps.

  14. I love her hair. I love her glasses. I love her makeup. I love her politics. What can I say – I’m a Palin groupie! (and I usually hate politics!)

  15. I can not stand looking at Sarah Palin-her political position demands she look well groomed and polished. Her PTA look does not give me confidence , rather the opposite and I cringe thinking how foreign dignitaries will view her when she is representing the United States looking like that. Glasses are fine, but she needs to lose the hairclips and prom updos!!

  16. It’s too bad that each of these posts aren’t accompanied by a picture of their authors. It would be interesting to see how many big-haired, chip-clipped, frumpy “Wal-Mart” trolls are commenting on Ms. Palin’s appearance. I’d guess there’s probably quite a few that should spend more time in front of the mirror instead of posting on the computer. [And how about you, Brian? Where’s your photo? – PB]

  17. Tell me how to insert one into a post, PB, and I will. [ You can e-mail it to me, Bri-Bri. Because it’s kind of hard to explain it and I’m not sure I’d get it right. – PB]

  18. I’ve looked all through your site, PB, I can’t find your email address. Am I overlooking something? [You’re overlooking the tag labelled “Need PeaceBang’s Help?” which, when you fill it out, comes to me. Then I respond, you attach the photo, and voila. Although I don’t think you have anything to contribute but a photo of a man who likes to insult women, which is exactly how I’ll publish it, with your name and e-mail address. Just because you seem so eager to engage in gender and class wars and all. – PB]

  19. Hi. Seems like both commenters and blog-author alike are a little more than hostile towards each other ATM. It’s a shame; I don’t really see anything to be hostile about. I mean, it’s just hair, right?

    Anyway, I am – indeed – a blog-troll, but a semi-polished one (hope photos html’ed correctly below). I’ve had more than one comment saying I look a bit like Sarah Palin. In fact, my hubby thinks I should dress up as her for Halloween. So, I Googled Sarah Palin hair, and came across your site. Thanks for posting front-view pics. I don’t suppose you have any on file of the back of her head?

    BTW, while we do think that she is very likable, and I am a “frumpy” Midwest homeschooling housewife who shops at Wal-Mart and am not an ordained minister or minister’s wife, our family doesn’t support her. Just thought you’d like to know that. If the pics don’t post below, don’t worry about it. Blessings. ~Christi

  20. Please, please tell me that we are not reduced to a crocodile hair clip wearing VP!!!!!

    If America wants to continue believing that ANYONE can have the American dream – then Sarah Palin is certainly the poster girl.

    A white hair clip on brunette hair while on a speaking tour just about says it all… heck, beauty queen and home town point guard makes VP. Oh, we must be so proud of this!!!

    I can’t wait for her leadership! [If she was in any way qualified to be VP, I actually wouldn’t sweat the hair clip. Right now that’s the LEAST of our problems with her, no? – PB]

  21. I just want to ask one question…Is this site REALLY for “clergywomen” to talk about hair and makeup?? Correct me if I am wrong. Shouldn’t we women be more concerned about winning souls to/for Christ than about how Palin wears her hair??? May God help us! I understand women need to look their best…but some of the comments on here are ridiculous! I do NOT want to sound holier-than-thou…but I will be praying for all you of ladies!

    [PK — First of all, we are clergywomen and men, not “clergywomen” (or “clergymen” — please look into use of unnecessary quotation marks — that’s the former English teacher in me speaking ;-)). We’re ordained, we’re public leaders, and as incarnate beings, we don’t go around clothed in just our souls. Yes, you do sound holier-than-thou — but that’s not the problem (at least it’s not for me): the problem is that you are apparently naive enough to think that there is no appropriate place for religious leaders to talk about the issues of public image and attire. My readers and I disagree. That place is here. We have fun with the conversation (this isn’t the place for folks who don’t appreciate irreverent and cheeky humor!), and while we’re examining our own images we occasionally use other public figures as an example. We live in a very visual culture and as PeaceBang always says, “Either you project an image consciously or you will do so unconsciously.” – PB]

  22. She looks good with the hair up, but the way she wears it most of the time (down on her shoulders) looks terrible. That hair style with the stingy bangs needs to go. I think she would afford a stylist. I love Sarah but she needs hair help.

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