Don’t Dare Me

To the reader who dared PeaceBang ten bucks to wear false eyelashes to the installation today, pony up the dough. I wore ’em, the installee can confirm this, and you can just trot over to Paypal now, Pal (hint: there’s a link in the “Pass the Basket” button).

The trick is to trim them so they match your actual eyes. I won’t say that I didn’t look eccentic up close, but not so much so that anyone will be talking about it for more than, say, three or four decades. This is, after all, New England.

Ha ha, Smartypants!

2 Replies to “Don’t Dare Me”

  1. Oh, right on, PB! It wasn’t I, as you know, but I have to say “good on you” as our Australian sisters and brothers would say. What a hoot.

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