Scarf Abuse

Let us pray.

Scarf Abuse

Dear and gracious God,

Hear our prayers for the ability to accessorize well.
Lead us not into vaguely shawl-like items in bad colors,
and keep us from faces tan enough to double as Italian leather handbags.

Help us to be ever lovely presences in the world,
doing your work with love and with good hair and make-up.


P.S. Lisa Welchel looks really good, Lord. Is that because she became a totally born-again Christian?

3 Replies to “Scarf Abuse”

  1. PB, you are *killing* me! Thanks for the fashion critique/advice and laugh break!

  2. Ewww… Hate the shiny blue blaxer.

    Nancy McKeon’s outfit is more my speed.


  3. Poor Natalie. It does “take a lot to get ’em right.” She’s still learnin’.

    (As are we all.)

    And now I have that damn theme song stuck in my head.

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