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  1. But if one has to stand all day long…could we get away with some of the more, umm, flat styles?

    When I was 19, I didn’t mind foot pain–I was LOOKIN’ GOOD! Now, however, pain from any heels higher than 1″ puts me in a bad, bad mood, unable to deal with anyone’s problems or help them in any way.

  2. A small lift of some kind should keep you out of schlumpville and be plenty comfortable. There’s a reason to shoe shop, shop, shop — because it takes a long time to find a good and comfortable-enough pair.

  3. Oh thank you, sister, thank you, for calling a spade a spade and that orthodpedic monstrosity of a sandal “hideous.” I could not agree with you more. Love the sinner, hate the shoes, is what I say. Even God herself could not love those sandals.

    Innumerable times I have gathered with colleagues, only to wince and look away quickly when I see these puppies on someone’s feet (when socks are involved, I actually shudder. But lovingly.).

    I confess that I myself am a Dankso girl, opting for comfort and health over the sweet, vogueish frills of espadrilles. However, I did pick up a verrrrry cute pair of sandals at Tarjah (Target) recently. I find that Target is a boon to the budget-conscious yet fashionable minister. Check out some of their Grecian-type beaded thong sandals — zing! zip! oh so cute!

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