Discontinued Make Up

In a comment from last year, Caroline Divine mourned the loss of a wonderful Clinique eye shadow creme.

She asks why oh why the big cosmetics companies discontinue our favorite shades and lines so quickly. And PeaceBang answers: ta keep you and me buyin’ more STUFF, Caroline!

But you knew that.

Here’s help in the Tracking Down Department:

I recently tracked down my favorite discontinued blush — Revlon Skinlights in Rosy –on e-bay for an incredibly reasonable price for three, so if you love a product don’t give up, go after it. Go to the manufacturer’s web site and see if they have a “discontinued” link. Google is really a great help in this effort -even though I really enjoy trying new make-up shades, certain products are just perfect and can’t be replicated by the newest concoction. Guys, this goes for fragrances and male skin care lines, too, Although you really shouldn’t still be wearing Polo, which my friend Tom says smells like a gay bar circa 1988. {PB wink}

Guide To Best Drugstore Buys

Hey gang!

Real Simple magazine has a very handy-dandy guide to the best drugstore (read: affordable products) buys here.
It’s arranged by category of product and looks to have excellent suggestions.

This is Real Simple’s helpful guide to how to buy wardrobe essentials.

Actually, as a former subscriber to Real Simple magazine, I must say that I’m very impressed with their web site. I’ll be reading more articles when I get a chance.

Thanks to SisterBang for the referral!

Lip Ink?

Hi dears,
Someone just wrote to me about Lip Ink.

I’ve never heard of it, and I’m fascinated. She’s going to send me more info, but have any of you tried it? Comments?

I did some research and came up with this UK company:


It looks like it’s organic, and it looks like the starter kit is quite expensive (but that after that, re-fills are quite economical). The blonde model in the video is a little bit overwhelmed by her big red lips, but the other models are wearing more subtle colors that look lovely.

Do you have to scrub it off with another special product at the end of the day?

I wonder if I could get the company to send me a free starter kit for reviewing purposes…!

The First Commandment Of Sandals

Originally uploaded by Peacebang.

Edie Falco is a really terrific actress, but oy vey, this schmatta has got to go.

Doesn’t this sort of look like something you or I might wear to a funeral? I think it might be okay at a funeral, but not at the opening of a film festival. Not that any of us are going to openings of film festivals, I’m just sayin’. That little kick of flamenco dancer frill at the hem just doesn’t redeem it.

Let’s discuss the other fashion problems here. First, if we’re going to wear an entirely sombre black dress, let’s not throw some itsy-bitsy little necklace on and call that accessorizing. ESPECIALLY if we’re going to be speaking in public. With something this austere, you want a bolder statement, methinks.

The hem is a universally unflattering length, but she could have made it less so by not breaking up her leg with those thick sandal straps. And she needs pantyhose or something to help with the pasty leg situation. Do you see how your eye moves down from the smooth line of black and then it’s like three big chunks of white? Worst of all, it distracts from her face. She’s also not wearing enough make-up to compete with the black, and she looks extremely washed out. So much to learn here! We love you, Edie! But you need some rouge!

All of that aside, THE SHOES DON’T FIT.

Now usually, the sin with sandals is when we get into the Toe-Overhang or the Heel Overhang — both mortal sins that I’m SURE earns one time in Fashion Hell. PeaceBang has extremely short toes and often has to contend with her pinky toe slipping through the strap on sandals she’s trying on and LOVES, but has to put sadly away until the day that plastic surgeons develop toe-elongation cosmetic enhancement. Her stubby toes are a serious impediment to fitting sandals well, so she feels the pain of those who suffer the same malady.
However, we must be strong. No matter how much we LOVE the sandal, we should not BUY and WEAR the sandal if it doesn’t FIT.

Too small is just awful. Too big isn’t much better, as you can see here.

I saw a photo of Beyonce Knowles the other day dancing her pants off in a pair of 4″ heels, and those heels were a full two sizes too big. I could only imagine that the lovely Ms. Knowles shot that photo and fell forthwith on her keister.

The point, as always, is about not unintentionally upstaging ourselves so that when we’re being present in ministry or wherever, people aren’t sneaking surreptitious glances at our feet and thinking, “God god awmighty, look at those toes hanging out all over the floor. I hope she doesn’t break one.”

“Thy sandals shall fit thy feets,” saith the LORD.