Wicked Sale

Hello darlinks,

I am wearing a lot of pencil skirt/jacket combos for church these days and thought you might like to know one of my favorite sources for such (size 14+) garments is having a big sale right now: Eloquii.com

These jackets are gorgeous and fit really nicely on my busty bod. I love the collar and this color is amazing. Also, hallelujah, pockets!

Their neoprene skirts are great, too: thick material so you don’t wrinkle, and I am a big fan of the longer length for church. Washable. No pockets, though. It’s a very slim fit.
They have a really nice selection of bold colors, if that’s your thing. I have the skirt in black, navy and purple. I have owned many through the years and they hold up like gangbusters.

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