$7 Foundation Stick from ColourPop

I am a huge fan of Colourpop. They make beautiful, cruelty-free products at an incredibly affordable price point. You can order a few things without breaking the bank and have a grand old time playing with their formulas.

EVERYONE HAS BEEN LOOKING HAGGARD AS HELL LATELY. SLAP SOME PAINT ON THE BARN, LADIES. I’m serious. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes we’ll have plenty of time for deep circles under our eyes, blotchy skin, scraggly brows, faded eyelashes and chapped, pale lips. Why is everyone in such a rush to look that way now?

I currently wear ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks in now=discontinued pinky neutral shades, a hgihlighter (out of stock right now), and many of their Super Shock Eyeshadows, which I apply with my pinky and which are gorgeous and pigmented. My favorite everyday color is Truth (out of stock). It’s got a bit of beautiful, flattering shimmer and it dresses up the day with one quick swipe. Did you know that just touching a bit of foundation on your eyelids can brighten up your whole face? Yea, because bags and shadows aren’t just under your eye, they’re all around your eye.

All noodging about make-up aside, I really think that everyone benefits from good skin care and that the quickest way to step into a more polished look is to smooth out the skin tone with good skin care regime, sun protection and drinking lots of water. And yes, a touch of make-up to even things out. You don’t need a full face of foundation with concealer — just try a bit of well-blended concealer or foundation stick.

I was just tempting myself by looking at ColourPop’s Cyber Monday deals and saw that they make a foundation stick in lots and lots of skin tones. That’s not easy to find, so I thought I’d pop a link to you. No, I don’t get any money or discounts from ColourPop. If anything, I’d just like them to bring back my favorite lip colors.

If you try their foundation stick let me know how you liked it! I’ve been using one of Rihanna’s Fenty line stick foundations in a very light tone for my undereye area and I think it’s great for that but would be a bit too powdery and drying for the whole face.

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