Summer Skin

Lovely ones!

So my skin was looking hiddy. I wear my sunscreen religiously but I had gotten kind of sloppy about washing my face carefully. Heck, some nights I didn’t wash it at all. That’s when I realized I had to see a dermatologist immediately.

My reward for my “I’m too tired to care” regimen was to have blotchy, dull, congested skin. Since I’m doing a health re-boot this summer I figured I would add skin care to my efforts. I use all sorts of products, sure, but under (or over!) cleaning the face leads to dull complexions. I determined to cut down on sodium, drink more water and get back into skin shape!

What I discovered for myself: a quick wash and splash of water isn’t good enough in the summer when my pores are clogged with heavier sunscreen. Now I use a big dab of foaming cleanser, lather it up with plenty of water, apply it to my wet face, turn the water off and actually spend a minute or so working the cleanser into my skin, making sure not to neglect my nose, chin, under chin(s) way back by my ears, and hairline. I rinse very well, then dry with a clean towel.

After drying, I either apply a gentle toner before eye cream and light moisturizer or I apply a fancy version of a Stridex pad to exfoliate and let that dry before moisturizing,you can Read More here. Also, check out this series of SkinCeuticals skin care products that you’ll surely love.

A friend bought me a beautiful Aveda product a few days ago that I’m loving.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 12.16.35 PM
Nope, I don’t get any money or discounts or freebies from Aveda or any other products I endorse here. If I ever do, I’ll always let you know that.

It’s pricey and fancy but what a pleasure to use!! It comes with a little dry brush gizmo that you use on your dry, clean face to gently exfoliate, and an incredibly delicious smelling oil that you BREEATTTHHHHHE IN then massage into your face and d├ęcolletage. It says to wash it off but I leave it overnight and my face feels like a baby’s butt in the morning.

I am very happy with the results of paying closer attention to just washing my face! Yea, the oil is nice and helps soften everything but I think the real key has been drinking water, faithfully wearing sunscreen and then getting my skin clear of all that sunscreen every night. If you are suffering from skin problems like me, check out this article on What Is A Green Superfood Powder, And Why Is It Good For You? for some very helpful tips.

Photo on 7-20-17 at 12.11 PM
I am wearing CE Ferulic serum and eye gel by Dr. Dennis Gross, sunscreen by Algenist, undereye concealer by Smashbox, powder blush by Tarte, highlighter in Smokin’ Whistles by ColourPop, liquid eye liner by Kat Von D and Marc Jacob’s eye pencil on my lower lashes, eyebrow pencil by NYX cosmetics, mascara by Maybelline, eyeshadow in neutrals by Urban Decay, liquid lipstick by Urban Decay and lipgloss by Sephora. I have powdered under my eyes with Ben Nye powder to keep my eye make-up and concealer from melting. But no foundation!

I am wearing an almost full face of make-up today because I have a staff meeting and I don’t want to look like a bedraggled heat wave mess as I did yesterday when I ran out of time in the morning. I hate that feeling so much. This make-up job took five minutes to do and was FUN.

Excited to have my first staff meeting with two new program staff members! Woot!

What are you all up to?
Remember to limit your news consumption! We know what we’re up against, we have to take care of ourselves.
Take. Care. Of. You.
If that means spending a few more minutes in the bath or putting on your eyebrows or making an extra few laps in the pool, you do that. We are in this for the long haul, my loves.

Be strong, be faithful, be beautiful.
I love you.

2 Replies to “Summer Skin”

  1. I love the Dr. Gross line, particularly the CE Ferulic. I use that serum as a staple and alternate the eye and night cream with another fave (Osmotics). I also use his alpha hydroxy peel. My new face washing thingy is a vibrating silicone scrubber. Love it. And, I do at home LED facials with the Osmotics device.

  2. New summer cleanser, check. Never leaving the house without “eyebrows”, check. Returning to the Y pool for lap swimming, check. Reading the news online ONCE a day, well, I’m getting there. Good to see you back, PB. You look wonderful.

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