Microfiber Face Towels Are The Bee’s Knees

For those of you who want to cleanse sans chemical, these have been a real jim dandy in PeaceBang’s life and she wants to share the genius with you.

Full disclaimer: these may be made with petrosomethingpoisonouschemicalcompound and sewn by women making .4c an hour and I’m sorry I did not research that. Perhaps some of you could suggest more righteous versions in the comments? I’d appreciate that, as I have been felled by a norovirus and have the energy level of a field mouse.

Yes, these completely remove make-up. Soak them with water, apply to face, and voila. For those days you’re too tired to actually wash your face, these babies are pure gold. Wash them after a few uses. They are very durable and yes, great holiday present.


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