Stripes, Stripes, Stripes! Ahoy, Mateys

Did you notice that clean, classic nautical stripes are having a moment? I still love them. I did a post awhile back on how you can style them with jewelry and stuff, and I find that I’m still really drawn to the classic crispness of them.

I snapped this display at Banana Republic recently. BR is too expensive for my closet and they don’t make plus sizes, but you can steal these terrific styling ideas. That’s how you get a fresh perspective, dolls. Totally free. You stroll through the stores, see how the mannequins are styled, get inspired (or not), and translate to your own style.
Consider these outings like going to the museum, but for your own style and image.


I got this image from a blog post over at

Stripes can be very cool. They’re not just for preppies anymore:


Thanks to the Rockschic blog for these images:

It’s all in the cut of the garment. A big, shapeless striped T-shirt isn’t going to do anything for anyone. Nothing is classic if it doesn’t fit well and look tailored to you!
striped blazer

Red stripes can be terrific. Not for me, but this Banana Republic look is very sharp (click to enlarge).


Since I would look too much like a candy cane in red stripes, I would do my crisp nautical look with red in this way. No stripes, but the same classic, crisp, sharp take on these preppy go-to’s. I love this look for a day of ministry work! (Click to enlarge)

Sears display.

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