Black and Bling: Part III

Today’s black and bling. Casual day at office, meeting with family, lunch with colleague. Black cotton eyelet blazer from Torrid, pin from charity shop in London, lace cami from Lane Bryant. Wearing with dark jeans and black boots.

I am not into wearing snowmen or reindeer or green and red. Christmas is for me a religious holiday, and Advent a time for internal preparation and quiet waiting. I love lights and color and fun but I prefer to adorn myself at the holidays with rose colors (“Lo, How a Rose ‘Ere Blooming”) and restful colors to give people a visual break from all the retail visual assault when they look at me. I keep my look intentionally simple all season. I feel overwhelmed by all the tinsel and stuff, so I suppose my black and bling is a way to balance that. I just don’t want to look at grown women decked out like department store displays, with ornaments hanging off their earlobes and Christmas trees planted on their chests.

My necklace is the Star of Bethlehem. You wouldn’t know that unless you asked about the piece, and it’s a great conversation-starter.
That’s just me. Just one pigeon’s decision.

Kisses, sweetie pies.

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  1. Dear PB,

    Your comment “Advent a time for internal preparation and quiet waiting” nailed it. Would you share some advice to other (lay) PB fans like me how to do this? [There’s nothing I’d like more. Let me think about it and find some time. Thanks for asking. xoxo – PB]

    Kindest regards.

  2. Nice jacket! I’m surprised at the pushback you’ve gotten about wearing black. I once heard a fascinating lecture in England about how black as the color of professional wear came from the black of the academy in a time when black academic gowns were still daily wear at Oxford and Cambridge. The universities, in turn, got their tradition of wearing black from the monasteries, which were their predecessors as communities of scholarship. So clergy who wear black to look professional are coming full circle, in a way.

  3. I so agree…thank you for this…Advent gets trampled in the glitz and blitz of Christmas, so I truly appreciate your comment about giving “people a visual break from all the retail visual assault when they look at me. I keep my look intentionally simple all season”. LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

    Thank you for keeping us all grounded and at peace with this awesome season of preparation! xo

  4. isn’t it great that we all are different? Because I’d be so depressed if everyone wore black and you’d go bonkers if everyone wore ornament earrings as I am wont to do (but not during church). I prefer color. [Let’s hold hands and sing “We Are the World!!!” – PB]

  5. Good thing I am clear across the country, because I can clearly see this is a nice eyelet jacket and I loves it with deep love and if I was in your town, I’d sneak in your office and abscond with it in a moment of collegial weakness. I would then pair it with a clergy collar and maybe my favorite red scarf, with jeans and my grey cowboy boots and I would chortle with glee. [And I would spot you coming into town and meet you at the door with my bigger badder cowboy boots and say, “This jacket ain’t big enough for the both of us” and shoot you with water pistols and ruin your hair and chortle with glee. Just kidding. You can borrow it any time. – PB]

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