The Sartorialist: Inspirations

I guess I am fascinated by street photographers who catch everyday people in the act of being works of art. This is new for me, so if it bores you, sorry.

These are just a few images of women that made me all swoony. LOVE the colors, the textures, the orginality, the beautiful styling. I am starting to feel that the sloppiness, ugliness and generic quality of what America considers “getting dressed” is a spiritual issue for me. It isn’t about money. It’s about self-respect, a sense of beauty, and a sense of CULTURE. We have become a people who get dressed with no sense of culture or dignity. I don’t see this anywhere else in the world to the extent that I see it in the American suburbs. I think it part of the degradation of our culture in general.

Anyway, let’s enjoy the artistry on display here. Look and learn:

LOVE the rolled pants, the brogues, the earth colors, the sassy hair. Delicious.

Like, people who make you look twice, and not because they’re wearing sweat pants with “JUICY” on the butt, either:

Men in Hermes scarves! I’m dying!


I want to chat over coffee with this man. He’s not half-asleep, half-dead, throwing just any old thing on his body, right? Doesn’t that just … draw you?

The Sartorialist featured several photos of women wearing flowy white maxi skirts with everyday outfits, something I got skewered for suggesting several weeks ago. See, I’m not loca.

Men who look great. Love it. What’s with all the rolled pants? I guess that’s the thing. The Sartorialist’s photos were taking in New York, in Paris and in Italy, so it’s not just one place we’re seeing this. It’s very Fred Astaire.

I adore all the textures at play here.

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  1. I was addicted to The Sartorialist until the comments revealed that 2/3 of the shots are taken outside of big fashion shows. His best shots are taken in Italy, esp those of old men. He calls it “Old Man Style.” He has also taken some great shots of older women in Spain.

  2. Carol’s comment makes me feel better because looking at those shots made me realize how truly unsophisticated my eye really is, and for that I was bummed.

    The texture! The patterns! How do people do that?

  3. I LOVE the long white maxi skirt. Now I have to go and confess jealousy and envy that I am not tall (or thin) enough to pull such a gorgeous outfit off.

    But it sure does look good on her.

  4. Those aren’t really all candids, are they? The first two look like they’re part of a fashion shoot. Especially the second one–can anyone comfortably hold that pose for more than a few seconds?

    Love the white-skirt outfit and the one with all the textures (except for the rolled-to-highwater cuffs and the open-toed boots).

  5. I do think they’re all candids, even though they might be shot outside of fashion shows (thanks for that tidbit, Carol!). I just love the inspiration.

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