Mask Face And Other Cosmetic Crimes

There seems to be a bit of an epidemic of Cakey Face going on in Hollywood that has PeaceBang quite disturbed. After all, when the gorgeous, radiant likes of Heidi Klum and Emmy Rossum start to look like drag queens, we have a problem. In those two cases specifically, the problem seems to be opaque foundation that, rather than improving the look of the skin, obliterates it; matte red lipstick that sits on the top of the lips like wax; and horrible spiky false eyelashes with white eyeshadow and thick liquid liner. Eeek! It’s too early for Halloween! Heidi and Emmy, fire your stylists and be dewy again!

Remember, darlings, make-up applied badly or overly-muchly can age us terribly, erase our features and distract from our faces.
Blend, blend, blend!

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