Gorgeous Braids

Speaking of braids, ’cause we just were, isn’t THIS a gorgeous hairdo? I love it. The braids are done down low, which looks classically medieval to me somehow. I love the photo. I love the hoop earrings. I love the gown. This is elegance, people. I have a feeling you won’t see flip-flops on Elizabeth, here:

beautiful braids

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  1. Hair and gown are great indeed.

    But I wonder how she does her hair herself.

    I would love to wear such hair but I couldn´t do it myself.

    Is the gown (particularly the hood) episcopalian tradition? Never seen such a hood.

  2. It’s an Mdiv hood, perhaps from EDS? I”m not sure.

    The robe is a cassock and surplice, and is the most flattering choice for all appropriate occasions. It’s two pieces, often made of cotton (although some cassocks are wool) and you can indeed get by with few clothes underneath since the base piece is black so long as you aren’t taking it off 😉

  3. Yup, it’s Episcopal, and Madge has described it well. It is one of the traditional preaching garments. If she were presiding at Eucharist she’d be in alb and stole and probably chasuble (like a cloak, in the liturgical color of the season).

  4. Her hood kind of looks like the one I’ll be getting when I graduate with my Masters next year (different color, but same cut).

  5. Wow, this makes me a bit envious.

    In my (although lutheran) tradition we wear black gown and geneva straps.

    I don´t know if a link would be allowed.

    Although alb and stole get more and more common.

  6. With practice, one can do that hair oneself. In fact, I found I could do something like that better on my own than when I asked some stylists. Just have access to a hand mirror and a second mirror to see the back of the head. A little hairspray helps keep things in place. The hardest part is getting the end flipped under and pinned well. Many women in the military have the technique down cold.

  7. This is often referred to as choir dress and is the appropriate garb for the daily office services (such as Evensong).

    It looks like she has a tippet on also. It’s a black stole that is worn by priests with these sorts of vestments.

  8. Oh, that’s lovely. French plaits, especially soft ones like that, are wonderful.

    Beautiful vestments too.

  9. Tippets are seen as sort of “old school” in some circles but I LOVE mine. IT’s sort of like a black stole but longer and wider, gathered up around the neck. Mine has a large embroidered badge for the Anglican communion on one side and a similar symbol of my div school on the other.

    The vertical line is really flattering and it keeps ones’ surplice from flying around so much.

    BTW there are several lengths and styles of surplices (the relatively sheer white vestment). This is the longer, fluffier, sort, and it is the one to go for in my opinion.

    She makes me want long hair!!

  10. Madgebaby should more properly leave off the embroidery from her tippet, as people might mistake it for a black stole. But she is quite correct in that the fuller cotton or linen surplice is the way to go. It is, of course, strictly speaking not a vestment, but what a cleric will wear in choir or during morning or evening prayer.

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