Consider Mustard: A Beautiful Seasonal Neutral

Mustard is a really terrific neutral if it doesn’t make your skin look jaundiced. Click on the images to enlarge.

Great look. Chunky, textured mustard scarf is bold and warm. I love her A-line dress, too. Modest but not frumpy because the proportions are right for her and she’s got great boots on. Great boots are such a frump-buster!

I love how she tucks this dragonfly pin into the knit. Wonderful and very pretty. Dragonflies are such a spiritual symbol.

Mustard with a brilliant blue fedora. This is a LOOK. So much texture, detail, elegance. *sigh* Look at his cufflinks.

Try a mustard jacket to counterbalance all that black and navy. Shake it up a bit.

This pencil skirt is really striking. I love how she’s styled it with the darker colors. A very professional but comfortable outfit. Mustard looks great with camel – note her shoes.

2 Replies to “Consider Mustard: A Beautiful Seasonal Neutral”

  1. Mustard makes me look jaundiced if it’s right next to my skin, but not if I wear another color – red, black, blue – in between as a buffer. I used to never wear beige or tan because it makes my face disappear, but discovered the buffer zone, and voila! Love having a neutral option. Pea green – anywhere on my body – still makes me look like I have the flu.

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