At Least I Can Have Fun With Make-Up: Urban Decay BackTalk Palette

When the going gets tough, the tough buy make-up.
I adore Urban Decay. This is me playing around with their Backtalk Palette, a super fun collection of gorgeous eyeshadows, blushes and highlighter. I’m wearing several of the eyeshadows, plus Urban Decay eyeliner in Empire and lipstick in ZZ (creme formula, Vice line).

Please try to hang in there and show up with rage-fueled power and commitment. I am hanging out with the prophets right now, and the imprecatory psalms and it helps.

I am turning off devices and cutting off the news and commentary by 10PM, no excuses and no exceptions (except one night when there was a bizarre series of gas explosions 20 miles north of me).
I am getting to sleep earlier.
I am reading women theologians and authors.
I am checking out of conversations that stick their finger in the wound of misogyny.
I am triggered but not cowed. F*ck the patriarchy. God be our witness.

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