Product Review: Pacifica Rose Kombucha Face Wash

I am a really big fan of this face wash, which I got at Target for less than $10.

It’s probably not literally flower-powered and the kombucha detail strikes me as ridiculously trendy but I do like this company and I really like the results I get from this cleanser. You just need a little bit and it lathers up beautifully. It smells good, it’s creamy, it takes off my eye make-up and best of all, it gently but thoroughly cleans my summer skin after even the most humid day. I wear a very emollient SPF 50 every day and I need something that does a good job without drying. I find that I can skip the night moisturizing with this cleanser and again, you only need a bit bigger than a pea size dollop of product for face and neck.

I’m a big fan. This works as well as much more expensive cleansers.

Go be beautiful.

3 Replies to “Product Review: Pacifica Rose Kombucha Face Wash”

  1. I agree! Love their products. I use their Sea Foam cleanser and a couple of their moisturizers.

  2. What SPF product do you use?
    I find Skinceuticals tinted is the best and the bottle goes a long way. But it’s expensive!

  3. I love Skinceuticals. I also use an Algenist product and a really good tinted one by ColorScience. They’re all pricey but it’s my FACE. I don’t skimp.

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