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MY GOODNESS. I have just returned from our General Assembly in Kansas City, where everything is pretty up to date, and I must say that some of my colleagues are looking unnecessarily decrepit around the face. So much sun damage! So much incipient melanoma and no joking aside, that’s scary stuff.

Please, please take your skin care seriously. SPF. Hats when you’re outside. Please be careful.

I got a sample of this product from Sephora (*heavenly angel choir sings*) and tested it for several days, including one very hot, muggy, sunny day where I was outside a lot.

It goes on easily and you don’t need more than a dime-size amount of product. It miraculously BLENDS in without leaving the dreaded shiny white mask that so many other high SPF products leave (the only one I have found that works as well is by Allgenist). It goes on sticky but dries down pretty well. I have combination skin that tends to feel dry on the sides with other high SPF products, requiring me to layer moisturizer under them. With this product I didn’t need moisturizer, although I did use a Caudelie age-spot serum first (because despite my consistent efforts, I have age spots on the sides of my face).

Here is the model on the Colorescience website:

And here is me at the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side in late afternoon on a very hot day. I’m only wearing the Colorerescience product on my face and no other foundation:

Amazing, no sunburn! Whatever redness you see was already there because I almost always burn my schnoz while gardening for “just a quick minute” that turns into half an hour. I am very impressed with this Colorescience product and have just purchased the full size.

Whatever product you decide to use, please use it religiously and reapply throughout the day if you’re going to be outside.

Kisses on your punims!

P.S. The Tenement Museum was fascinating and deeply moving and very worth the visit.
Many emotions to be had (I am the direct descendent of immigrants who I am pretty sure lived in this neighborhood) and many sermon illustrations. I find that my heart is broken not only for myself but somehow for my relatives who got to this country and survived poverty and discrimination but who were, thank God, never threatened with deporation.
Because of them, I am here living the incredible life that they dreamed for me: religously free, highly educated, comfortable, more than well-fed, culturally enriched, safe, a respected member of a diverse community. Because of them, I fight for my newly-arrived neighbors to have the same opportunity.

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  1. My current faves are Supergoop’s (terrible name and it’s not even goopy) Unseen Sunscreen which is a gel that goes on clear and works as a primer under makeup, 40 SPF, and Kate Sommerville’s combo make-up setting 50 SPF spray.

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