Lenten Check-In

Oh my gosh, oh Lordy, heavens, yikes.

Well. We are in Lent. Here we are.
This has been a Lenten year, my darlings. A Lenten year. So much cause for penitence, sackcloth and ashes, prostration before the God of mercy, the God of justice. Emotionally and spiritually I am relieved for this season that matches so well where our souls ought to be as Americans, as global citizens.
Liturgically, I am panicked because Holy Week is so soon. We are living on so many levels. Well, I certainly feel that I am – how about you?

There is the pastoral level: how are my people? Visits, counseling, funerals. Wedding consultations.
The preacher level is tense and vigilant and entirely reliant on the Holy Spirit: how to weave together what I had planned to say and what urgently needs to be addressed in the wake of the latest appalling and grievous news?
The priestly level is just trying to stay connected to the Eternal, to keep my soul centered and my hair neat for the next ritual which must be beautiful, powerful, dignified.
The prophet is FRAZZLED AS F—.
Administratively, always piles of things to attend to.

I’ll try to post more this week. I want to talk about bright spring bags, some recent halos of praise, and why ordinations are turning into narcissistic spectacles. Stay tuned! STAY HYDRATED.

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  1. I’ve figured out something in the last few days…I’ve been saying yes to things because I’ve been worried that I won’t get asked to do things again if I say no. And since I’ve figured that out, I’m going to back out of something that I’m interested in, but not the way it’s set up. [Smart move, lady. It’s very hard to say “No, thanks” when we have that lurking fear that we won’t get another invitation, but sometimes you have to slam the fear in the basement and bar the door. – PB]

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