Slightly Structured Blazer

Darlings, how much does PeaceBang love you and think of you?

On Christmas Eve eve, which is delightfully temperate and calm for my small household in eastern Massachusetts, thanks be to God, I wanted to let you know that Torrid is having a sale on one of my favorite wardrobe staples, their ruched sleeve jacket. Some are BOGO 50% off, and there are others and similar styles that are wicked marked down.


This is a handy jacket for your wardrobe for many reasons:
It looks great with clericals.
It is a relaxed piece but not messy-relaxed.
It does not need to be ironed.
It is a step above a cardigan in terms of professional polish.

Here’s me wearing a similar garment (mine’s from Maurice’s) over a black cocktail dress for a cabaret I did. It was comfortable, I could move in it, and it kept its shape over my dress.

These are knit, so they’re not appropriate for formal occasions but they’ll certainly do for most of what a minister has to do in our day-to-day lives.

As a new year’s resolution to stepping up your wardrobe game, try swapping out floppy garments like this,



for pieces that fit. Long, unstructured pieces can look very chic on tall, slim women if they’re made in beautiful fabrics and hit the right place at the thigh, and if the fit in the shoulders and arms is right. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for any of us abundantly-bodied gals not to get swamped by such garments. It all just looks like our bosoms are exploding fabric, and all that knit catches on curves and lumps everything up. A more structured, tailored garment that shows your shape is always going to be sharper.

Now go bake cookies or practice your homily. What are you preaching tomorrow night?
I already did an intense exegesis on incarnation and compared Trump to Herod last weekend for Advent 4. Tomorrow night is for God’s All Stars, and I go easier on them. It won’t be lightweight, I promise you that. Not this year.

Blessings, my sugar plums.

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  1. Love your jacket from Maurice’s! Will look for one… and i’d love to see the full view of that mural behind you? Can you tell me what it is? I’m trying to think of ways to ‘dress up’ and still make welcoming… our church, fellowship area…

    Ruth Inman
    Director Of Welcoming Ministries at
    Willow Hill United Methodist Church

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