Mary Poppins Returns… To Church!

Now, keep in mind as you listen to me cackle my lungs out that this is probably the tenth time watching this clip of a preacher levitating while giving his sermon:

This reminded me of a final dress rehearsal I attended last month for a production of “Peter Pan” directed by a dear friend. One of the details that made the show work so well was that the flying was very carefully choreographed. The children and Peter Pan knew what to do at take-off, while airborne, and while landing. Because the actors knew how to hold themselves gracefully, they never looked like they had been accidentally hooked by the back of their collars to a ski lift like this poor man does.

I hope he had so much fun. He certainly committed news, and that isn’t a bad thing.
But the moral of the story is, whether you’re getting yourself into a story, a ritual or an actual physical levitation (!), please at least think through — and rehearse of possible — what you are doing with your body and words at the beginning, throughout, and at the end. So many creative worship ideas or traditional liturgies are disempowered by worship leaders who have a poorly executed concept and don’t know how to stick the landing.

Michael, Wendy, John, Tinkerbelle, COME ON! “Peter Pan” at The Norwood Theatre.