The Latest Fashion Horror: Pajama Jeans


To which I strenuously object on pure principle.
Because we need to be in our PAJAMAS ALL DAY?
Because plain jeans aren’t casual ENOUGH? Now they have to be COZY AND COMFY like BABY BUNTING?
Because we’re not fat enough and need MORE encouragement to over-eat and not notice that we’re gaining weight because our PAJAMA JEANS are so accommodating and don’t even require us to zip a fly and button a button?

NO! NO ! NO!!!

I also object to the voice over stating that they fit every body “perfeckly.” The word is PER-FEC-TLY.

Oh my sweet, sweet Lord, they come with a free GREY CREWNECK T-SHIRT. Because the PAJAMA JEANS won’t depress you enough??

PeaceBang is on a TEAR, children!!

What’s NEXT? How about a complete outfit of PAJAMA JEANS and Crocs and Snuggies? Then we can just really, finally and completely lose ALL RESPECT FOR OURSELVES.*

*except I totally want a pair! I’m dying to see if they’re decent-looking in person.
June Clever Nirvana bought a pair and her report on them made me laugh.


Got another letter from one of you pumpkins who’s got an interview coming up. “Should I wear something comfortable, like a denim skirt?” she asked. “Or dress up with a blouse and nicer skirt?” She is a Christian Educator going for a called parish job.

And I said, “DRESS UP!”
Which is really the essence of my advice for interviews: don’t be afraid to over-dress — unless you show up in a bugle-beaded evening gown you’re probably not going to be over-dressed, and you know that PeaceBang would much rather you be more spiffed up than you need to be rather than err in the other direction. Interviews are not a time to make comfort a priority. When interviewing — even for a volunteer position — dress for who you eventually want to be in the world, not for who you are today, if that makes sense.

Also this: NEVER EVER EVER wear a denim garment of any kind to an interview. Okay? Denim is great and can be professional and we love it, etc., but it is not interview-appropriate unless you’re interviewing at the Gap.

Toodles, darlings. PeaceBang is going to bang away on her dissertation today.

Jeans With Clergy Shirts

I think she may be right, kitty cats:

Dear PeaceBang, I found your blog via Courtney Wilder’s piece in Sightings, and find your musings absolutely delightful! As a young Episcopal priest, I have been complaining for some time about clergy women’s frumpy clothing. Frumpy does not equal professional, nor does it in any way help our cause as women clergy. I do love your blog, and also must comment on one subject on which we may not agree. It seems to me that jeans may not go well with a clergy shirt, regardless of how nice those jeans may be. Far too often I see women clergy wearing “mom” style (high waisted, tapered leg) acid wash jeans (as though those aren’t bad enough on their own) with those horribly baggy black ALMY clergy shirts tucked in. But perhaps even nice jeans are a no-no? At any rate, thanks for your blog, and your wider ministry, too.

The last time I saw a young, hip minister chick in jeans and a clergy shirt, I thought the jeans were too snug by far. It isn’t that she didn’t look great, it’s that she looked somehow defiantly sexy and cool, which I thought created an unsettling and untrustworthy persona. There are so many other options. Why not choose a wise one? Sorry if I sound prim, pigeons, but I should not have aggressive visual access to your pelvis and thighs. It makes me wonder what needs you’re trying to get met with such an outfit. “I NEED TO STILL BE HOT,” is what I read, and that’s not a mature message.