Undereye Puffies And Bags

I was definitely unhappy with my baggy, tired eyes and did some product research. I found these cruelty-free products for me and for you, pigeons!

First thing, clean face! I apply my serum and moisturizer and used a new eye cream. I heard that caffeine was an effective de-puffing active ingredient.

While my skin care products settle in, I drink coffee and get dressed.

Then, to ze make-up!

After applying my foundation and blending, I apply concealer in dots. This is a very thick and creamy formula so use a light touch! Some of this is obviously for highlighting and not for undereye dark circles concealing! I blended with a small brush and Beauty Blender.

As the concealer settles in and dries, I apply blush and lipstick/gloss. I do my eyebrows. Then, using a small blush brush I PRESS setting powder into my undereye area. Because the eye cream and concealer have dried and the powder is very fine-milled, the powder does not settle into creases. Miracle.
When you’re done with your eyeshadow, whisk the undereye powder away with a small fan-shaped or an angled brush.

Final results. Car selfie on the way to church! A huge improvement.

Here’s what I used and where I got it:

Skin2Spirit Caffeine Eye Whip. Got it on Amazon, but I gave up Amazon for Lent. $26.

E.L.F. 16 Hr. Camo Concealer. Target. $5.

Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder in Translucent. Got it at BeautyBakerie.com. $24. Keep in mind that powders last for literally years.

What are your favorite eye creams? I have tried so many over the years!

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