War On Blazers

I declare war on blazers!
The other day I had to dress up for a spiffy event at Harvard and every time I tried on a blazer, my soul died.
They were boxy and made me look even wider and square-shaped than I am.
They buttoned over the plumpest part of my bosom.
They were stiff rather than structured.
They drew attention to the chunkiness of my upper arms.
I hated them.
I threw them all back on their hangers and said, “I hope I never have to wear any of you EVER AGAIN!”

I am sure I will press my blazer suits into service again, especially for weddings and other formal occasions. They are in excellent condition and fit me as well as they’re ever going to.

I just hate them. They not “me” at all anymore and I’m going to look for new styles of suits or jackets for formal occasions. There MUST be better options.

What do you hate that used to be a staple of your wardrobe, kiddies?

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  1. Well, I wouldn’t say I hate them, but I’m weaning myself away from turtlenecks. I’m tall and my neck is long enough, but they’re too hot. Now I’m aiming to replace them gradually with long sleeved cotton knit shirts with scoop or V-necks. If it’s cold, there’s my excuse to wear a hand-knit scarf or shawl. Always happy to make more of them!

  2. What do you think of Angela Merkel’s wardrobe? She seems to have the same pattern blazer/jacket in all different colors and fabrics as though they were made custom for her. I admire her professional appearance.

  3. Great question! I went and did a Google image search on her, as I had never noticed her appearance before, except when she stepped out to a formal event at some point in a beautiful open collar gown and showed her bazooms. It was such a departure from her usual look that I did a double-take.

    At Frau Merkel’s level of power, there’s not a lot that one would want to do to declare any terribly individualistic flair. She’s Angela Merkel, she doesn’t need to be noticed — she IS noticed. That’s why I wish some of our members of the clergy would stop making what looks to me like desperate bids to look unique and groovy. Stop. If you’re unique and groovy, that will happen organically. Nothing says, “I have no actual power” than someone who’s obviously trying too hard.

    I like Chancellor Merkel’s notch collar blazers and basic, but serviceable, necklaces. They’re substantial enough to show up, but they’re not “statement-y.” Whoever is doing her hair color is doing an excellent job, but she would benefit from an updated hair style. She has a very expressive face but I’d still appreciate a bit of eyebrow. Her lipstick shade is a bit too liver-colored to do anything for her. I’d switch it for a bit of a berry hue.

  4. I don’t know that I hate anything right now, but I am more than a little bored with my wardrobe. I have a lot of black and grey and jewel tones and fall/winter items, but very little in the way of springtime colors or lighter fabrics. This morning I was especially happy with my springy makeup, but then a little sad when I went to my closet. Time to do a little shopping, I suppose!

  5. I share your loathing for blazers, for the same reasons you mentioned. They are built for squarish, straight-lined people (i.e., men), not me.

    I am currently loving this peplum blazer from Target, which is coming in at the $35 price point and has the added bonus of being non-wrinkly because it’s a knit. I’ve got the teal color, which is spring-ish.


    Happy working!

  6. why wouldn’t you be chic and professional in a dress? – wool crepe – lined – v-neck – waistline for a belt – good length – I agree about blazers –
    my maternal grandmother lived in Montreal – she had a dress form – a dress maker came and made her clothes and she sallied forth convinced that she looked good – I am quite sure she never knew what size she was – she knew good broadcloth, twill etc.
    that might still be practical – for a professional like you – I bet three dresses with lots of interesting shoes and accessories are all you’d need for that part of your life – you could save “edgy” for the rest of your life –

    [My figure is terrible for dresses. I have a really large spare tire around my lower abdomen that destroys the line of most dresses. In order to accommodate it I have to have a full skirt, which just makes me look enormous because I have short, slim legs. I also have very heavy upper arms and it’s the devil to find dresses with sleeves! But I do wear dresses — it’s just that they usually still need a top layer over them. – PB]

  7. Button up shirts. They NEVER look good on me, always ending up gaping somewhere, even ones that fit well do this… or I’ve never found one that truly fits well. Give me nice stretchy blouses, please!

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