New Banner Art By Rev. Whitney Wilkinson!

This new BTFM banner is the submission of Presby pastor Whitney Wilkinson. So fun, love the colors! Whitney designed this from a collage I posted on my Facebook page, so now we need to figure out who the artist is and if they grant permission for me to use this image.

Artist, are you out there? Rev. Gidget, is this yours?

How do you like it, pigeons?
I’m off to Maine, so don’t freak if your comment doesn’t appear right away.

Kiss o’ peace, PB

14 Replies to “New Banner Art By Rev. Whitney Wilkinson!”

  1. It’s fabulous! I love the colors, and the various text styles seem to really capture what BTFM is about.

    Because I’m a picky graphics nerd, I might shrink the subtitle and the word “for” a little bit. I think that would balance the composition and eliminate some of the overlapping shadows at the bottom. Is there any way to soften those square shadows at all?

    Overall it’s really great!!

  2. I like it overall… but I disagree with the commenter above about the fonts. Three fonts among four words is overkill. I’d choose only one (and my fave is the one for the first two words), but two at the very most. I do agree that the size of the subtitle should be just a little bit smaller.

    Nice art, though!

  3. Wish I could claim it was mine, but alas, no. Thanks for thinking it might be! I like it. And now I’m going to be like one of your cranky church ladies (if you had them in your church, which I’m sure you don’t) and say that I still liked the old design best. A great reminder to all of us professional change agents: there’s a little curmudgeonliness in everyone, even us.

  4. Even though I made it, I agree she still needs some work. I had a hard time converting it to a jpeg from word without fuzziness or design change. And on my computer it shows us too big for the header space. But I do love those stylish angels. 🙂

  5. I agree that the background suits, that one font would be better, that the font for the first two words looks the best. and that the word ‘for’ could be a little smaller. As someone with 50 year old eyes, I am not sure that I would want the subtitle font any smaller. Thanks, Rev. Whitney. Good work so far.

  6. No. Too loud, too large (loads slowly), too many fonts, and does not adapt to the page size. Use the size recommended by the theme notes. Very hard to read.
    When in doubt, go simpler.
    I know how hard it is to create a decent banner. Mine aren’t great.

  7. I really like it! I like the fonts and I like the artwork. I see opinions here are all over the lot.

    Go with your gut. 🙂

  8. I use Chrome and I have to scroll right to see the whole banner – doesn’t seem to matter what size my browser is. It also seems to bump up against he top of my browser window. I love the angels and the colour scheme. One of my pet hates is multiple fonts – I’d stick with one or two at most – I like the curvey one for “Beauty Tips” and would use it across the whole header. For the subtitle, I’d go for a sans-serif.

  9. Well since you asked, one font is probably enough. HOWEVER…it is YOUR blog. You will probably look at it more than anyone else. Do you like it? If so, stick with it and stop asking because people will nit pick it to death.

  10. On my browser it seems to be 20% too wide. The left margin is aligned with the rest of the blog, but the right margin extends well beyond the right margins of the “RECENT POSTS” and other boxes.

  11. Hope you are having a splendid time with loons & co. That is the important thing. When you get around to tweaking web design, yes, , to second a couple of previous comments, the banner seems to be too wide for the average browser. I admire the folks who can do this sort of thing.

  12. I love the multiple fonts! I love all the colors!
    Something about it does give me a bit of a Christmas vibe, but maybe that’s just me. 🙂

  13. Ick. However, as others have said more eloquently, it is your blog. I would make sure that it fits for most browsers, but other than that dear PB, if you like it – go with it.

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