PeaceBang Live Chat Radio Call-In Show!

Guess what I did today instead of writing a post?

I figured out how to create a PeaceBang Live Chat Call-In Radio Show, that’s what I did!

I signed up for something called Blog Talk Radio and I am still figuring it out, but let’s do a trial run soon, okay? It just all seems too good to be true.

It would allow me to take questions 3-4 at a time and to talk live on the “air,” whatever that means — I think you get a phone number to call into. What I would do is choose a few of you who have written in with questions to call me at a certain number, and then I chat with you and then… that’s the part I’m not sure about. Does it all save as a sound file that I just upload here, or does it create a link that I send to you all, or what?

I think that if you want to be in on this, you should make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Facebook, where ostensibly I would be posting the “listen now” link. I don’t know that it coordinates with this blog format.

I know that’s a technically confusing post but you know that PeaceBang likes to show you her work in progress, and also likes to model the old, “If I can do it, honey, YOU can do it!”

Stay tunes, green beans! MWAH!

2 Replies to “PeaceBang Live Chat Radio Call-In Show!”

  1. Tres cool, Mme. Thought you wrote, “I will talk jive” – and got very excited. However, I’m sure that whatever you say is bound to include some jive. So we’re set.

  2. My friends challenged me to appropriately use the word ‘ostensibly ‘ in my college commencement address. Well played. 🙂

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