Balance It Out

Here, the lovely actress Michelle Williams illustrates how an outfit can so easily go from pretty to I-just-got-six-cavities-from-looking-at-her precious:

If you’re going to wear pink dresses, gals, do something sophisticated with your make-up and nails. Also, pink + bows = too Disney Princess for pastors.

Consider this your official warning for spring, when some of you will be drawn to florals and other soft, femmy looks. Those are great, but keep your polished and professional wits about you. We’ll talk more about this later.

3 Replies to “Balance It Out”

  1. The grace that will save us from going Pastel poufy this spring is that the stores are TEEMING with gawjous, bright fabulous color!

  2. I think that outfit is too Disney Princess for anyone, but if you’re talented, beautiful, in crazyfashionland Hollywood, and have a rockin’ haircut like that, you can get away with a lot.

    Oh for one day of straight hair so I could do this ‘do.

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