The Latest Fashion Horror: Pajama Jeans


To which I strenuously object on pure principle.
Because we need to be in our PAJAMAS ALL DAY?
Because plain jeans aren’t casual ENOUGH? Now they have to be COZY AND COMFY like BABY BUNTING?
Because we’re not fat enough and need MORE encouragement to over-eat and not notice that we’re gaining weight because our PAJAMA JEANS are so accommodating and don’t even require us to zip a fly and button a button?

NO! NO ! NO!!!

I also object to the voice over stating that they fit every body “perfeckly.” The word is PER-FEC-TLY.

Oh my sweet, sweet Lord, they come with a free GREY CREWNECK T-SHIRT. Because the PAJAMA JEANS won’t depress you enough??

PeaceBang is on a TEAR, children!!

What’s NEXT? How about a complete outfit of PAJAMA JEANS and Crocs and Snuggies? Then we can just really, finally and completely lose ALL RESPECT FOR OURSELVES.*

*except I totally want a pair! I’m dying to see if they’re decent-looking in person.
June Clever Nirvana bought a pair and her report on them made me laugh.

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  1. I want some too. Especially for traveling. I wear yoga pants as it is. The flight back from Asia and the Pacific Rim is brutal. Is a little good looking comfort so terrible – if they are good-looking. But I’, short and not sure about the length. [But for traveling don’t you want pockets? I wear yoga pants too, usually with a long tunic with pockets. I found some awesome pants that have cargo pockets and I wear those a lot, too … they are indestructible but they’re not cotton. – PB]

  2. Well! Well, well, well, well. Hard to know just what comes after that. I picture some moms with highballs in the kitchen while their kids are playing darts – wait, maybe I saw that on “Mad Men”. (When’s season 4 coming out? Whine. I digress.) Anyway, the one mom as a joke starts talking about ‘pajama jeans’ and the other one is laughing and then they get really, really serious and say, “Let’s do it.” “Ethel, you’re on!”

  3. I’m larger than the gals in the commercial – and I notice how they avoid showing what a girl my size would actually look like in these things. Even the “plus size” girl in one of the shots is probably a size 10 or 12 (which I am not). I’m doubtful these would look good on me, let alone me looking good in them.

    And I – like you – am also horrified by them. I’ll stick to wearing real jeans when in public (by golly, they have spandex in jeans now!) and my ugly blue knit pants (which make my husband shudder), my yoga capris, or my cute plaid PJs when I go ultra-casual around the house. Take that, Mass Marketing to the Lowest Common Denominator!

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