Spring Shoe Review 2010

Oh darlings! Good news and bad news!
The good news is that you will NOT be tempted this Lenten season to purchase new shoes that you don’t absolutely need. The bad news is that all of the Shoe Designers obviously met in secret chambers and decided that, due to the poor economy, they would put out the ugliest, most uninspiring shoe collection they could come up with this season.

On the upscale side of things, there’s all of this gladiator heels thing, which is pretty but unrealistic:

For the mid-range shopper, which is most of us, there’s this ubiquitous sneaker-Mary Jane hybrid that I find just a poisonous combination — unprofessional, girlish and frumpy. Keene does the most acceptable version immediately below, but Skechers and others are inflicting VERY ugly, inexpensive versions on us that are not at all appropriate for working women:

(Kinda cute!)

Vacation-appropriate, sure. But for ministry? No.

Continuing in the Frumpy Department:

Naturalizer! How could you? We thought you loved us!

Acorn Earthromer, you’re kind of cute and Hobbitesque, but you’re taking me down a dangerous road to Birkie Land, so I will resist thee.

Here’s an honest sneaker by Asics. I’d rather see any of us in these shoes with cute classic pants, a crisp shirt and blazer or cardie for office or pastoral calls than any of those frumpy sneakery-MJ hybrids. If you have bad feet/bad back, there’s no shame in a nice, clean pair of kicks.

Ye Olde Frumpy Sandale. But there’s no much else out there this season that isn’t a mile-high pair of cork wedges. It’s probably not a year to buy a new pair of work-appropriate sandals.

Danskos bore me no end, but they make a really good, comfortable shoe and they last. These are rather nice. I like the neutral color.

Honestly, if you’re going to wear a Mary Jane, make it a statement. Patent leather is very in this year, as are incredibly blinding, garish metallics. Ouch!

If I could wear 4″ heels comfortably, I would be totally running around all spring in these and a suit or longer skirt. I’m attracted to boots lately. Love ’em.

These remind me that Baseball Season is coming! But let’s keep the Green Monster at Fenway Park, shall we?

6 Replies to “Spring Shoe Review 2010”

  1. Dear Lord, I beseech you, keep me alert and do not let me get in line at airport security behind someone who needs 15 minutes to unbuckle their glads! Amen. [Lord, hear our prayer. – PB]

  2. I have to say–I have never ‘gotten’ the gladiator thing. I don’t think they look good on anyone I’ve seen them on.

    I know you hate ’em, but for touring around, I happen to love my El NaturaListas (no, not for work, unless it’s on retreat where I’m running around helping the leader). Comfy, safe, funky colours (I have a purple pair and a green pair). NOT cheap, but all natural and fair trade.

  3. Hey, I think Ye Olde Frumpy Sandale looks pretty cute! But then, comfort is of such paramount importance to me when it comes to shoes that I may have lost my objectivity about these things.

  4. Actually, I also think the Skechers are cute–but I brought a few pairs here when I moved to the UK, and they did NOT last. The terrain is different enough here that within a month or so, the treads were completely bald. No more Skechers.

    I don’t mind the sneaker/MJ hybrid, but maybe that’s because they’re really more popular here in England than a true sneaker for street wear.

    About sandals: last year, I got these


    in both tan and a pretty mint green, and they are great. Clarks has had some really nice sandals the last few years. I’ve now got 4 pairs, so this year is not going to be another purchase!

  5. Those gladiator heels look kind of hot, but there is NO WAY I could wear those chasing after a toddler. I have a pair of spiky 4 inch heels I bought on a whim last fall … I can only wear them on dates with my husband – with a pair of “real” shoes in the car for when the date is over!

  6. I’m surprised by the thump against Danskos – with support, comfort, and a modicum of style, I thought they’d be the fighting-frump woman’s best friend. [They’re okay, but too often they comprise a kind of Frump Uniform for clergy: long, shapeless skirt, blah top, long, hippie hair and the ubiquitous DANSKO CLOG. AUGH. – PB]

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