Woodstock Refugee Hair

Amy Z-M posts a comment about her curly hair, seeking PeaceBang’s advice:


My sympathies are with you, Amy!
Curly hair is a bear.
First of all, gravitas is as gravitas does.
However, having “Woodstock refugee hair” could mean that you’re one step away from prairie skirts, dumpy European sandals and t-shirts with faded Gaia logos on the front. We must do all in our power to keep you from that fate!!

Bumble & Bumble reportedly makes good products for de-frizzing curly hair, and curly hair is all about products, my dear.

I believe that those of you with long curly locks would do well to seek out a stylist who specializes in curly hair. It will be worth your time and investment. One of my students has gorgeous, long curly hair and she passed on that hot tip to me, who does not have long, gorgeous hair, although it is slightly wavy and full of annoying cowlicks.

Long, curly hair is generally not the right choice for short women who do not have the body of Salma Hayek, for round-faced women or for short-necked women. When we consider whether our hair is right for our general look, we must go beyond the question of “is my hair great, or what?” and think CONTEXT, i.e., “is my hair great on MY face and body?” (Not to mention, “is my hair great for the image I would like to project?”)

Best of luck, Amy. And by the way, whatever spectacles frames you’re wearing are a very important part of the equation.

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  1. I have thin, fine, wavy hair, and I’ve found that a good flatiron keeps my prone-to-frizz hair in line. It looks very professional, too. Sally Beauty Supply (or your local beauty-supply store) has good-quality ceramic flatirons in stock. Make sure you get a ceramic one, as the regular metal plates can turn your hair to straw pretty quickly. (Of course, ANY heat applied to hair will make it dry, but the ceramic flatiron will do so much less quickly.)

  2. Amy,
    A book that really helped me was Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. She has lots of wonderful suggestions for making naturally curly hair look its best. Best of all, she’s not all about selling specific products. She does tell you what kind of ingredients to find and what kind to avoid. I found that one kind of Dep Gel was actually better than many more expensive products by her advice. Mixing Dep Aloe Vera Strong Hold gel with Abba Hair Moisturizer worked really well on my curly hair. (I’ve now left these products behind for safer products, but that’s another story… See my post about safe cosmetics at

    Curly hair *can* look attractive and professional. It’s just a little harder to make it look that way. Especially when parishioners just want to come up and say “boing” and pluck your ringlets. But I would never go the route of straightening my hair. It’s more daily effort than I would ever want to expend on the tresses. And besides, curls are part of me, and I assume they’re part of you. So let ’em shine!

  3. I have curly hair (and funky glasses, of course) and I agree that products and the right cut are key. I have a stylist that I am totally devoted to (although he charges way too much) and I use “Curls Rock” by Catwalk. It’s awesome.

  4. Dude, I am so all over letting curly hair shine.

    As a curly-haired-minister myself, I use the fructis products. I’m also a big fan of bigsexyhair products, although I cannot always pay 13 dollars for mousse-type stuff. Layers continue to be key also as well, especially long enough to put hair up when it’s hot and nasty out. Also a big fan of the tressemme products AND a really really good hair dryer with a diffuser, an ABSOLUTE Must.

    My two springy, curly sense,

  5. I found this post in looking through the archives and had a post a comment- this is something I’ve been fretting about quite a bit. My long curly hair tends to work for me- but if it gets too long I start to look like a fourteen year old eager to work at a renaissance faire, and if it is too layered I can’t put it up easily (a necessity in my native Bible Belt). What are your thoughts, Peace Bang, on a loose braid with a nice barrette (to pull back some of the bits by my face and accent my heart shaped face). Is this a ministerial look?

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