About This Ministry

PeaceBang thinks of herself as the stage mother to the American clergy, and she wants ALL her babies to be stars!

This is the gospel of Beauty Tips For Ministers: if clergypeople believe that religious life is vital, relevant and beautiful, they should look the part. PeaceBang is fond of saying that if we do not project an image intentionally, we will project one unconconsciously. She believes that God has made a good gift in you, and you don’t bring an unwrapped gift to God’s party.

This blog is for the encouragement of self-care, the sharing of tips, and the celebration of shoes, lip gloss, fragranced shaving cream, and all of the other accoutrements of vanity which have hitherto been considered wholly unholy, and therefore generally discussed only in hushed whispers among the servants of the LORD.

In this space, we are free to remember that although we work from our hearts and our souls, we are also incarnate beings, and that our appearance does matter.

It is also written with the intention of bringing a little bit of joy and laughter into your life. I got your back. And occasionally, your front.

A kiss of peace to you, and thanks for being here.

xoxo PeaceBang
(The Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein)

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All of the photos taken by me – including photos OF me — are my property and may not be used without my permission.

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