Stick the Landing!

Stick the landing! STICK THE LANDING!

Gang! When you are doing any element of a ritual or liturgy, think through how you will end it. Think it through and make decisions about what you will say and what you will do with your body and voice.

There is nothing worse than a Scripture reading that trails off and dies with a puny volume and skittering off the dais. There is nothing powerful about a ritual led by a clergyperson who doesn’t know what to do their feet after the big moment has passed.


Feel out where you will stand, and how, and how you will move, and where to, and then HOW YOU WILL END AND GET OFF THE STAGE (chancel, dais, wherever).

Shuffling, mumbling and uneasiness are dead giveaways that you’re not quite confident about what you’re doing, which drains the moment of intensity and impact.


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  1. I just finished teaching a workshop on Liturgy to a lovely group of faithful laity who are working towards being Licensed Lay Ministers. I taught the curriculum as it was given to me, and added a section on preparedness. Practice in the space. Make sure your shoes are shined. Don’t wear uncomfortable clothing or brand new shoes. Make sure your makeup is done well. Be confident. Stand tall. Practice in a mirror. Check your postures. Deep breaths. And remember why you’re here and why you’re doing what you’re doing. And for the love of all that is good and holy, smile. Enjoy yourself. I was channeling my inner PeaceBang. I think I’d have done you proud.

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