File, File, File

There is a time to every purpose under Heaven.
There is a time to stack papers in piles,
and there is a time to actually file them in folders that you keep in an organized fashion in your study.

Tonight at midnight I decided that I simply had to devote one hour to filing. ‘Tis a hideous chore, but oh how happy I am when I reach for, say, my history of Palm Sunday services and there they are all nicely filed away! I just discovered a box full of files from my move of 2013 and am so happy to see many of the old friends I thought I had lost forever. Memorial Day of 2010! That cool service I did where we used readings from “Doctor Faustus!” Tons of my best stuff and I have no idea how or why it wound up in there rather than in my filing cabinets.

So this is just a pre-Holy Week reminder, sweetiekins, to do yourself a favor and do some organizing. Put those piles of books that are all over the house away on the shelves. Go through all of those unmarked folders and empty them of their meeting and workshop notes. Put your eleven little multi-colored Moleskin notebooks away in a stack, labeled by year. That’s as good as it’s going to get for those, unless you have a better indexing system than I do.
Get yourself some printer ink before you run out.
Go through your electronic files and erase duplicates, and clean up your Dropbox files if you get a chance.
You’ll feel so good when things are a little bit more orderly.

I know it’s a never-ending pile and I know it’s never going to be perfectly organized. Don’t aim for perfect – just tidy up a bit.

Easter is very early this year and we’re already careening into the middle of March. Remember what they say in the restaurant business: You’ve got to slow down to speed up. Don’t start freaking out and rushing around. Stay centered by slowing down, breathing, spending plenty of time lining things up mentally before you act on them. I suspect I’m not the only one heading into budget season, staff evaluations, working with lay leaders on nominating folks for next year’s committees, thinking about the summer program, and preparing for Passover and Easter.

I just agreed to do a one-hour cabaret of show tunes for my women’s group at church in mid-April, too. Because I’m nuts.

Taxes are due to the accountant soon – don’t forget that.

Did you pay your quarterlies in January? I didn’t.

I also see I agreed to do a little lecture at an ecumenical stewardship gathering in April, the weeekend before the cabaret. Ha ha ha!

Then there’s just plain grocery shopping and laundry that needs to get done.

So this is just a little check-in to say, “I know it’s crazy! But do a little filing! You’ll feel great!”

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  1. You are such a blessing, an encourager, a companion. [Thank you, Lisa! How nice! – PB]

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