Before Thanksgiving

I posted this on the PeaceBang Facebook page today:

Please join me for an intergenerational, ecumenical Moment of Whining to honor our aches and pains, the chest cough we feel coming in, the onerous tasks we dread in the week ahead, our dirty houses that need cleaning and Thanksgiving meals that need preparing. No counting of blessings will be conducted in this moment, it is purely dedicated to expressions of griping and moaning.

7 Replies to “Before Thanksgiving”

  1. thank you for a chance to whine!! I am getting over pneumonia, the house is a friggin’ disaster and i haven’t got groceries, nor do I have energy to go get them, so will have to have men do the grocery shopping. the upside is we dont have anyone coming over. and if anyone does, it would be folks who have already learned that they have to move newspapers or the cat to sit down in our house!

    whew I feel SO much better…

  2. Ugh. I’m making pancakes and it’s turning into a disaster. Several I just threw into the sink and one is burnt to a crisp which I will just eat myself. Oh, and I get to travel for work for the next three days which means that my dear husband has to handle our, in his words, “highly intelligent and willful child”. He’s almost 4. My parents should arrive in town just as I’m getting back leaving me with zero time to prepare the house. KVETCH!!!!

  3. whine and moan indeed. Aside from having a mountain of impending deadlines circa christmastime, to add insult to injury, I thought I ordered a turkey for Thanksgiving and instead got a 7-lb CHICKEN. That will be fun to explain to the kiddoes. (Who am I kidding? They only come for the cranberry sauce anyway.)

  4. My lower back has been killing me! I have a full house of out of town guests for Turkey Day plus local friends. The house is a cluttered mess. I am opening in a show the FIRST weekend in December and I still don’t have the very difficult score down cold. I have a worship committee meeting tomorrow night, a rehearsal Tuesday night, and a graveside service and special celebration of wonderful people at a synagogue on Friday night. Saturday morning another funeral of a beloved parishioner then Sunday worship leading, and I also need to get my dissertation to my second reader by DECEMBER 1!! I started coughing today! And when is the Laundry Fairy coming!!?

  5. *sniffle* *cough* Trying to pack a weeks worth of work into two days this week before I head to the parents house for vacation. Trying to not feel like curling up with a bottle of NyQuil.

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