“What Not To Wear” Clergy Edition!

Hi bon-bons!

SO many of you have written to let me know that TLC will be airing an episode of “What Not To Wear” this Friday during which they make over a young, beautiful Episcopal priest.
Who doesn’t love an hour with Stacey and Clinton and Carmindy the Make-Up Artist with the light touch? And Nick, with his fabulous accent and magical ability to turn dead, frumpola hair into a sleek, shining drape of layered sexiness?

I don’t know what I’ll be doing on Friday night but I DO know that my DVR will be set to RECORD. On second thought, since I don’t have plans yet, maybe I will LIVE BLOG the episode. Oooh, goodie! I wonder if I can get my beau to hang with me while I do so, if I promise to tolerate some of the SuperBowl for him?

See you there, pigeons!
And special kisses to our Piskie friend, whose life is about to get way more interesting in the aftermath of starring in a TV show!

17 Replies to ““What Not To Wear” Clergy Edition!”

  1. So cool! When I was in seminary, we fantasized about getting the assistance of a makeover show for our post-ordination sartorial predicament.

  2. Well hello there. A beau? Is this the first we’ve heard or did I miss something? How exciting.

  3. Aaaaagh, I wish I could watch it too. I remember Trinny and Susannah in the UK did something on a priest in their “meet your match” show but I couldn´t watch it, too.
    Any chances in getting a copy?

  4. Trinny and Susannah did an episode on Julie Nicholson (I think), a Church of England priest. Tragically, Julie has since left ministry, as a result of the trauma of her daughter’s death in the London bombings on 7/7.
    [Wait a sec, I think I saw that episode. She was sort of funky and funny and wonderful, and a single mom? God, what horrible news. I’m so sorry. – PB]

  5. Oh, I like the new hairstylist. He seems more gentle and nurturing. I liked Nick okay, but he has a bit of a tough side. I sometimes thought he was impatient with the guests.

    I remember seeing the Priest on the British version. My heart goes out to her with the knowledge of this tragedy.

    It will be a big tv viewing night around here as a friends and former parishoners will also be appearing on Supernanny. God help them, they were brave.

  6. Thanks for picking this up, PeaceBang. You must have a ginormous following, for your post here certainly sent my sitemeter into the stratosphere.

    I do hope they do a good program with Emily.

  7. Unfortunately, this program is not available on Hulu. I have already warned the spousal unit that we will be watching this one! And if you do a live blog, my joy will know no bounds!

  8. dude! i totally came over here to tell you about this, and of course you know it already.

    all the internets want to know about the beau….your public clamors….

  9. @Peace Bang–Julie Nicholson had just turned 50 (and the Brit version did a LOT of ladies past their dewy youth), and her husband was in on the nomination. I think the episode has been pulled from public access, possibly to respect her privacy and wish to withdraw from public ministry.

    I hope the Emily episode from TLC can be downloaded, and I can watch it later.

  10. So that’s why I could never find it. Oh, gracious, what a terrible thing.

    Does TLC let you download episodes? Or stream them, or whatever?

    A bit more difficult from the UK I suppose…hmm. I’ll think of something, I’m sure.

  11. I would love to find out if anyone has discovered a way to watch the show if we happened to miss it!
    [Most of the channel websites have episodes online. Also try Hulu.com – PB]

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