Three-Quarter Length Sleeves

PeaceBang is a short, chunky gal with short, chunky arms and will not be seen in public in anything sleeveless (and neither should you be, clergygals — not when you’re on duty, anyway). I inevitably have to get the arms of blazers and jackets shortened and therefore tend to jump for joy when I find three-quarter length sleeve blouses. They are terrific-o!

However, I have noticed one thing: when I stand with my arms at my sides with a sleeve that ends right at my waist, and the sleeves wing out a bit (as they tend to do when the bouse is cotton and the cuff is wide), I manage to add another 10″ or so to my waist line. Oh happy day! Just what I need!

Not that this will keep me from wearing three-quarter length sleeved blouses, mind you, but it certainly will keep me from being photographed in one, unless I can do something creative with my arms (raise them up in a fetching “hallelujah” pose, maybe? Weeping all the while, like Tammye Faye?). Just a tiny vanity tip from Yours Truly, pigeons.

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  1. I know Target doesn’t have the BEST quality clothes, but I like them for things that don’t have to look super-sharp. And they always have LOTS of button downs in three-quarter length sleeves in all sizes. I don’t like three-quarter length sleeves because they make me cold in the long winters here. But just in case you were looking for a good set of those sorts of shirts, they are often at Target in abundance.

  2. I absolutely agree with you on the 3/4 sleeves! Do you have an Eddie Bauer outlet anywhere nearby? I have purchased several of their 3/4 length sleeved wrinkle resistant shirts…perfect with a nice pair of khakis, trousers, or with a nice skirt.

  3. I love 3/4 and am going to try to get 3/4 clergy shirts, whether I have to alter or make them. Womanspirit makes a 3/4 sleeve clergy shirt for ladies who are not Smurfette-sized comme moi.

    I know you’re busy, PB, but what about a special Ordination Edition of Beauty Tips? My big day is on Saturday!

    I’m remembering that Thoreau warned against any enterpirse that required a new set of clothes: that is, like, reason #254 why he wasn’t an Episcopalian. There are a serious number of duds to acquire.

  4. That’s funny – I like 3/4 length sleeves, too, but for the opposite reason: my arms are a little long. Normal sleeves tend to be just a little too short, and they irritate the inside of my wrist, or just look silly. The 3/4 length sleeve just wears best!

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